Using table runners for a wedding – Essential points to keep handy

Using table runners for a wedding – Essential points to keep handy

When it’s your wedding, you want to get everything correct! It’s a special day, so from the wedding venue to the wedding decoration, everything should get planned with precision. One of the most crucial wedding decor elements is table runners, linen and tablecloths. You need to be careful using it. Perhaps, you could make use of some essential pointers.

There are no fixed rules about table linens and table runners. You just have a few essential guidelines that you can customize based on your need. Regarding wedding table runners, use it as a medium to visually anchor the table. Also, arrange the centerpiece and other table linen elements that complement the entire look. It should also be in sync with your wedding theme.

Why do you require table runners?

Simply put, table runners add texture and color to the entire table. It creates the base for attractive table decor. Also, it secures your table from any damages and spills that might occur from dripping candle wax, drinks spilling over and hot pans.

The best type of table runner

Every texture and fabric denote a particular mood. When it’s about your wedding, go ahead with table runners made using organza, satin, and silk. You can also say yes to the polyester ones that come with a smooth, seamless and shiny surface. If your wedding decor is low-key and is a private affair, you can go casual with the table runners. Natural fabrics such as twill and cotton are smart choices. Also, for a more rustic appeal choose burlap table runners.

Tips for using the table runner

Typically, table runners get placed beneath the middle of the table. It can get placed as a layer atop the tablecloth. However, you have many ways to make use of table runners. Some of the popular techniques are as follows:

  • You can place a table runner right across the table’s width. It connects the guests who would sit across one another and leading to a placemat impact on every person
  • If the table has a more casual setting, choose a short table runner beneath the middle part of the center table for showcasing the centerpiece
  • You can arrange two table runners in the “X” shape right across the table.
  • You can place lace table runners atop a dresser or credenza, for a vintage look

Last but not least, you need to select the correct table runner size! The usual width sizes vary between 10 and 15 inches wide. The length is anything between 36 and 108 inches. Make sure that the table runner width is roughly one-third of the entire table width. Additionally, you can keep an extra 6 inches, so that it hangs loose on every end. Exercise caution so that the table runner doesn’t hand low than the tablecloth when you layer linens.

Once you keep these basic guidelines in mind, you can arrange table runners attractively! Today, you have access to multiple online stores that offers you the best table runners depending on your need. For your wedding, you can choose the kind of table runner that fits your preference and budget capacity.


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