Story No. 9 – why is it important to say I love you?

Why is it important to say “I love you”

Of all the feelings we experience, love is the most serene, divine and blessed one. Only those people who have never experienced love in their lives, know how empty and lifeless their life seems to be. Expressing love is very important because unless you express your love to someone, the other person will not be able to understand your feelings and this, in many cases, can create harmful effects in a relationship and can even terminate a long-term relationship. Whether it is your parents, siblings, friends, partner, children, spouse, or whoever it is, if you love them, say it. If you are one of those people who hesitate to express their love verbally, you can express it through your actions. Gifting their favorite things occasionally, taking them to dinner or movies, making them feel special on their special days such as birthdays anniversaries are few ways by which you can show that you love and care, without saying it in words.

An important aspect of expressing your love to someone is communication. No relationship can survive long without proper communication. Nowadays, even long-distance relationships are easy to maintain, thanks to the digital age, we are living in.

Video calling, texting, staying connected through social networking sites, face timing, etc. are certain popular ways by which distance has been conquered by science and technology, and you feel being close to your near and dear ones while staying miles apart from them.

Apart from the ways mentioned above, there are various other gifting options available by which you can send customized gifts to your loved ones. Laminating your favorite photographs on a cushion or a coffee mug and gifting your dear one can be a great option for expressing your love. The startup Story No. 9  will help you in expressing your love if you are unable to do so by gifting a book on love that contains personalized love quotes and anecdotes. The book also contains a total of 9 e-tickets related to love which can be mailed to the person whom you wish to express your love to. So if you hesitated so long to express your love to that special someone or you are always that shy individual who hardly dared to go to the woman of your dreams and propose to her in person, these love tickets can do the wonder for you. Just gift them to the person, and they will take care of the rest.

The idea of gifting love tickets is innovative, but it is associated with the kickstarter campaign which is about to start soon and is a part of Story No. 9. This way, many people can be benefitted in expressing their love and thus, living their life in a more fulfilling and happy way. Such websites are extremely popular with teenagers and adolescents who are newly in love and find all ways to express their love in the most special way to their beloved. This campaign can be extremely fruitful for such people.

One can also get access to Free E-book, love quotes, love related photographs, tips and suggestions and many more by availing the Kickstarter campaign of the Story No.9. Sometimes, a person wishes to add a personal touch to letters, emails or notes while gifting them to their loved ones. Through Cloud No. 9, it can be made possible. You can add customized notes, articles, poems and even photographs with your quotes. By doing that, your partner will be able to know about your inner thoughts and feelings about him/her and you can achieve that even without speaking to him/her in person. Apart from all the above-mentioned points, story No. 9 has various other features that can help you express your true feelings to the person you love.

You can also surf Story No. 9’s Facebook profile to get more details on the topic. You can also add your suggestions and tips which may help Story No. 9 to update or make necessary changes to their features. Nowadays, the presence of numerous social networking sites has made things quite easier, when it comes to expressing love to your beloved. You can also send customized gifts, e-cards and other necessary items online. This prevents you from the burden of roaming about from shop to shop looking for the best gift for your loved one. Through online shopping, you can choose any gift and even customize them and can directly send them to the doorway of your beloved.

With the increasing competition in every field, getting the most suitable partner for yourself is also becoming challenging, and the problem gets bigger for those shy and introverted people who hardly have the guts to go to the person they love and tell them. Story No. 9 has emerged to be a savior for such people. Just by filling the necessary details and following the right instructions, you gift personalized books on love along without the e-tickets to your loved ones. It can be a great surprise for them, especially if they were least expecting it. A gift which comes as a surprise is mostly a pleasant one. Thus, the recipient of the love book and e-tickets will feel highly flattered and will also be greatly impressed by you when they will find your name in the tickets.

So if you are longing to express your feelings to someone but are not being able to take the plunge, it is high time you pull up your socks. Take tips for this article and take help from Story No. 9 to express love to your beloved and celebrate love in the most special and exciting manner. Your partner will be satisfied and more than happy to discover the effort which you have put in to keep the matter a secret and hence, will most likely say yes to your love. So, from next time, know that showing and expressing your love is crucial in creating and balancing a healthy love life. 


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