The Finishing Touch: How to Choose Accent Chairs That Look Great in Your Home

The Finishing Touch: How to Choose Accent Chairs That Look Great in Your Home

Need to add extra seating to your home? Or perhaps complete the look, and feel of a room? Accent chairs are the perfect way to not only add more seats to your home, but they also add personality to a room. 

However, to find the perfect accent chairs to fit your space you’re going to have to determine a few things about the style of your home. Lucky for you, we’ve created a simple guide on how to choose the right accent chairs for your space!

How Will the Chair Be Used?

Figuring out the function of the chair can help guide some other decisions such as style, material, overall durability, etc. Is the chair going to be placed in the bedroom or family room? Or in the hallway for more of a decorative look?

Determining how the chair will be used will help you decide on how durable the chair should be.

If the chair is going to be used in a family type setting, you’re going to want something much more durable than the decorative chair you might place in the hallway. 

Another way to help determine how the chair will be used is to plan out where the chair will be before purchasing it. An accent chair is supposed to make the room more inviting, not clutter it up.

Chair Size 

Determining how and where the chair will be used is a great segue to determining the size of the accent furniture.

If you’re adding an accent chair to a room with existing furniture you’re going to want to choose a chair size that’s in retrospect to scale of what is already in place. 

Also, you should consider the width of the armchairs and accent chairs you’re looking at purchasing. You don’t want to pick too wide of a chair and be left with no breathing room.

Typically, 18 inches wide is a comfortable distance between the chair and coffee table, to put things in perspective.

What Material Will Work Best? 

When choosing a chair material it’s best to think about how often the chair will be used! Placing the accent chair in a room with a lot of visitors you will want to choose a more durable fabric.

For example, if you have children and pets, you’re not going to want to choose a fabric like velvet because it’s easily stained. The type of material will also determine how easy the chair is to clean.

The material is also important when it comes to the overall feel of the chair. Fabrics like buttery leather and velvet automatically warm up a room, while metal or wood can feel cooler. 

Focus on what material will meet your family needs before worrying about the overall feel of the accent chair. Whatever you decide on you can always warm up by throwing a cozy blanket or faux fur over it. 

Pairing Your Accent Chairs with Your Home

One of the hardest parts of choosing accent chairs is choosing a chair the flows with the style of the furniture you already have.

You don’t want to have a chair completely contrast the other appliances in your home because it’ll end up looking awkward and cluttered. Take a look at your home, how would you describe it?

Traditional? Modern? Bohemian? Or even Scandinavian-inspired? You don’t have to entirely stick to a theme of a room but make sure the accent chairs you choose at least relate in style and traditions to what else is already there.

If you already have large furniture, consider a classic choice like a roomy club chair with deep seats to help balance out the room.

If your home is more modern you should consider something more versatile, like a low-seating swivel chair or slipper chair. You can learn more here about what style chair will best fit your home’s style. 

Complementing Colors or Contrasting?

When picking an accent chair you’ll find yourself looking at chairs in colors complementing your already existing color scheme, on chairs in contrasting colors. 

The easiest thing to do when picking a color or pattern for your accent furniture is to play off the existing color scheme in your home. You can easily do this by using a color wheel. 

Find the primary color of your home on the wheel and then consider a complementary color accent chair, to easily play off the colors of your already existing furniture. 

For example, if you have a lot of green in your home, red-pink accents would be perfect complementary pieces. 

If you’d rather go for a more contrasting look to make an eye-grabbing statement, go with bold colors or patterns you normally wouldn’t use. For example, deep gem colors stand out against neutral colors (ex: Ruby, Jade, Sapphire, etc).

It’s the perfect time to use a bold pattern if you are going for a more contrasting look. A sharp pinstripe, colorful floral, or animal print pattern can really bring a chair to the forefront. 

The Beauty of Bringing a Space Together

Choosing the right accent chair can really bring a space together. There may be a few tough decisions to make when it comes to finding the perfect accent furniture for your home but there’s beauty in bringing a space together. 

Choosing accent chairs may not seem like a big deal in hindsight but your home will leave an impression on everyone who walks through your front door.

They will be reminded of your home when they see other interesting accent chairs, and it might even inspire them to find their own accent furniture to spice up their lives! 

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