5 Ways to Incorporate Natural Decor into Your Interior Design

5 Ways to Incorporate Natural Decor into Your Interior Design

This just in: natural is no longer boring.

Having a natural home with organic textiles and natural elements is an aesthetic that will last forever.

Whether you’re a budget-conscious homeowner looking to revamp a nature-inspired room, or an interior designer looking to add a natural vibe to an entire space, these tips will help you get some inspiration.

Here are some ideas for ways to bring natural decor into your interior design.

Adding Natural Decor on a Budget

You may opt to replace your old furniture to rejuvenate your home in a big way, but there are small and inexpensive ways of incorporating natural decor too.

1. Artwork

Wall art is a convenient and inexpensive way to add natural elements to any room in the house. Opt for wall art that features plants, animals, wood textures, or nature scenes.

2. Wallpaper

Like wall art only more dramatic, wallpaper can revamp a drab room to create a natural vibe. Choose wallpaper that features nature in some way, whether it’s planted patterns or earth tones & textures.

3. Indoor Plants + Flowers

Indoor plants are very trendy right now, and there are a gazillion online care guides for each type of indoor plant. No green thumb needed! Opt for showstopping tall floor plants in the corners of your living room, and smaller accent plants in your bedroom and bathroom.

Having fresh flowers in the house at all times is also a great way to feel closer to nature, especially in the Spring and Summer months. Visit your local flower boutique or farmer’s market and get some season, unique, and beautiful arrangements for your home. Go big with a huge bouquet, or simply get a few stems to place in bud vases around your home. 

4. Organic & Natural Textiles

Organic cotton or linen textiles around your home can feel luxurious and will make your space feel more natural. Sustainably sourced textiles not only look good, but they also help preserve natural resources. Not only that, it’s better for your health too!

5. Neutral Accent Walls

Painting your home can seem like a big ticket item, but it can be done on the cheap. Start by picking an accent wall in your home and a rich earth tone color. Spend a weekend painting it yourself! One gallon of interior paint and painting materials will usually land you under $100. 

Go Big: Natural Architectural Elements

If you’re an interior designer or decorator and you want to break out the big guns, there are some architectural elements you can add to any space to make it feel natural. 

Japanese design is great for using natural elements throughout the home that makes you feel one with nature. The liberal use of wood, bamboo, and __ is a great way of making your home feel natural.

Wood flooring is an obvious choice when you want a space to feel organic. It’s worth the extra cost for flooring that will make your space feel warm for years to come.

Another show-stopper is timber feature walls, which add warmth and texture and can make even an urban space feel like a cozy cabin in nature. These aren’t your grandma’s wood paneling: they’re versatile, durable, and totally modern.

Get Designing!

Creating a space with natural decor is easy and can be as cheap + easy or as all-out as you’d like.

Building a natural space can be a great foundation for years to come as your design and style change. Natural tones and simple accents will stand the test of time and aren’t at the whim of changing trends.

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