New season, new room! 6 ways to freshen up your bedroom this Summer

New season, new room! 6 ways to freshen up your bedroom this Summer

The lives we lead are often hectic and busy ones. And when we finally head up to bed most of us do just that: we flop onto the bed and hope to get as much sleep as possible before we have to get back up again. I’m a firm believer that our bedrooms should be our own private sanctuaries; a place to reflect, recuperate, rest and relax. Although it’s not always easy to accomplish that when you’re sleeping next to piles of clothes, your old exercise bike/clothes rail, and your laptop and printer – check out for the latest printer ink prices – so, with all this in mind, I’ve rounded up 6 ways you can freshen up your bedroom this summer and make the most out of your bedroom space.



I know, not exactly exciting but you’d be amazed at how drastically different your bedroom can be if you give it a good deep clean. Pull out the bed and all the furniture and vacuum, dust and wash everything you can, including your skirting boards (which act like mini shelves for the dust to gather on), don’t forget to wash down your bed frame and flip your mattress and open the windows. Your bedroom will look and smell so fresh, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!


As mentioned above, it’s not easy to reflect and relax in your bedroom when it’s filled with things that don’t belong there. So take some time to remove all the items that shouldn’t be in there. Dirty mugs, glasses, technology, old clothes, trinkets that just gather dust, toiletries, accessories, etc – find homes for things that should stay in your room by either dedicating new cupboard/drawer space or invest in some super simple storage ideas like baskets and pretty boxes.

Add a touch of nature

They say that spending time in nature is good for your body and mind. So, bring a little of the outdoors inside. Add a leafy green houseplant to your room and it’ll not only make your room look fresh, but it’ll also help to purify the air and make you feel more zen.

Switch up your bedding

Now that the warmer months are here you need to switch your bedding for lighter versions. Take the opportunity to make your bed a focal point of the room and treat yourself to some super fresh and gorgeously crisp white bed linen. Plum up those pillows and add plenty of decorative cushions for a real plush look. 

Add some scent

Scent is an often neglected element of relaxation. So try to avoid having your dirty laundry basket in your room. Introduce some relaxing lavender or soothing chamomile into your room with some potpourri, a diffuser or even a scented candle or two.


Yes, the days are lighter for longer, but you can still have some cute lighting solutions in your room. Opt for some sweet fairy lights around your headboard or some LED candles for when the sun starts to go down. 


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