Why fat wallets cause your back pain?

Why fat wallets cause your back pain?

Most middle-aged people experience various problems in their life. And perhaps, you cannot remember the number of times you have complained about sharp low back pain. If you have been suffering from back pain or sciatica, you should know that it might have resulted from the large back wallet you have been carrying in your back pocket. In fact, most men do not know that the large billfolds and trifolds they carry in their back pockets would cause such problems.

Wallet sciatica
The phrase wallet sciatica might sound new to you but it is another term for wallet neuritis or the fat wallet syndrome, which is common among people who like carrying many things in their back pockets. Mostly, it leads to low back pain, which can lead to piriformis if it worsens. Do not close this tab, because we are here to provide you with more information about the issues associated with carrying a huge wallet and the best treatment methods.

Statistics show that around 80 percent of the Americans, particularly those who carry large wallets in their back pockets develop sciatica at some point in their life. Various elements contribute to the problem. The commonest elements include sitting in wrong positions, hunching over your desk, and not engaging in workouts. But to be more specific, sitting on a very large wallet is the leading cause of the issue.

Some of the reasons the problem develop
Some people believe that low back pain arises due to a weak core or repetitive spinal stress. However, placing bulky wallets in the back pocket is known to be the leading cause. Some years back, most men would want to reveal their personal status to the public by simply displaying their large wallets – without knowing that the accessory would have severe effects in their long term spinal core health.

Actually, the large wallets offer more space, which means that you can bring many things such as credit cards, cash, bills, pictures, and some miscellaneous things. However, the large thing will make you uncomfortable, including when working in the office or sitting down. Instead of sitting in a balanced position, one side of the pelvis will be higher.

Apart from the issues it causes to the spine, the large wallet will affect some of other structures and cells on the lower parts of your body. If you adopted the large wallet recently, you might have felt inconvenient but you forgot about the experience as you familiarized yourself with the new accessory. However, underestimating the aspect is likely to cause severe issues in the long term.

Your body has the ability to adjust and adapt to any imbalances. Therefore, whenever it comes across any mysterious syndromes, you have to do something to compensate for it. When suffering from extended processes, the spine will experience back pain and body stress. Apart from the spine, some other tissues and structures that play important roles each day and the Sciatic nerve around the buttock will also give you pain. After the wallet compresses the nerve, the pain will worsen leading to severe leg pain or tingling pain that will ruin your day.

The solution to the pain
Most physiotherapists and doctors will advise you to shrink your wallet so that you can alleviate the pain. You will have to get rid of the credit cards and IDs you do not need, dump the old receipts and carry lesser cash. A slim wallet from Kinzd will help you do that easily. You can also opt for a money clip wallet if you would want to continue carrying more notes in your pocket. The two types of wallets will fit perfectly in your side pant pocket or the jacket pocket, you can find them on Carrywallet.


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