Impacts Of Customer Satisfaction Surveys On Service Quality

Impacts Of Customer Satisfaction Surveys On Service Quality

Customer opinion and suggestions are always very vital and crucial for any service provider. But the significance of customer feedback for restaurants is even greater. There is a lot of competition in the market in terms of food chains. Therefore, retaining a remarkable position amongst the patrons is very important.

Conduction of customer satisfaction surveys is an act that is equally appreciated by both the customers as well as the restaurant management as it bears fruits for both the parties. It has been noticed that the companies and food chains that the conduct customer satisfaction surveys are more aware of the customer feedback and are always on the road to progress and improvement.

Noodles & Company Background:

TellNoodles is also a name that is well aware of the role of customer satisfaction surveys for the progress and development of restaurant businesses. The founder of Noodles and Company was a marketing executive of Pepsi. He realized that noodles are amongst the most devoured and liked food items yet there are not many places which specialize in providing tasty and delicious noodles. Therefore he invested the $72,000 he had himself and took 200,000 from his friends and family to set up his business.

What started as a small business venture in Denver, Colorado soon spread all over the country. But as is the case with any other restaurant and food chain, even Noodles and Company had to beat its competitors to attract customers and stay in business. Therefore they soon realized that customer feedback is a valuable resource that will help them interact with customers in a better manner and comprehensively understand their point of view.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys:

Rather than asking the customers what they feel about the service and the food verbally, it is better to keep a record of the customer feedback. To be able to do so in an effective manner a proper system needs to be put in place that asks the customers for the feedback and then ensures that this vital information is efficiently transferred to the restaurant management. Since the modern era is the time of technology, therefore online surveys are the best way to be able to do so.

Customer satisfaction surveys are available online. Once a customer visits the Noodles And Company branch, he will be given a receipt for his bill. An exclusive 20 digit survey code is mentioned on every receipt. This code will be entered on the online survey which will lead the customers to the questions of the poll.

Once the survey is completed from the customer’s side, the data will be recorded, and their statistics will be arranged. This data will then be utilized by the restaurant management to get an insight regarding the customer’s point of view. The statistics of the customer satisfaction survey then help the restaurant management to alter the services as suggested and ensure that the customers feel valued and are served in the best manner possible.


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