Best toilet paper for sensitive skin

Best toilet paper for sensitive skin

When your skin is sensitive the last thing you need is toilet tissue which is rough in texture or manufactured with all kinds of chemicals in it. That makes a bathroom trip something to dread, but there’s an easy solution to this kind of problem. Rather than stocking up on the first brand you see in the store take a moment to look at what else is on offer and choose a toilet paper designed especially for sensitive skin.

Here we look at the top buys to guide you in your quest.

Sensitive Mega Roll (Brand – Charmin)

This 2-ply toilet tissue comes in 6-roll packs, with 300 sheets per roll, and each sheet contains a soothing lotion made from shea butter, aloe and vitamin E. It has survived the scrutiny of dermatologists and passed their strict non-irritant standards, so you can use it with pain-free confidence.

Gentle Care with Aloe and Vitamin E (Brand – Cottonelle)

This 1-ply tissue is kind both to your skin and your house plumbing as it can be flushed easily though septic tanks, while it’s unique ‘CleanRipple’ texture means it is strong enough to do the job it is intended for.

Unbleached Toilet Paper (Brand – Seventh Generation)

Made from 100% recycled paper, you won’t find any nasties like chlorine, dye, perfume or formaldehyde in this established eco-brands toilet tissue. It isn’t as soft as some of its competitors but it definitely won’t cause any irritation.

Bamboo Toilet Paper (Brand – NatureZway)

There’s more to bamboo than panda food! Here bamboo pulp is transformed into a toilet paper which is completely free of perfume, preservatives, and dyes – making it a good choice for all members of your family.

Tree-Free Soft White Bath Tissue (Brand-Earth’s Natural Alternative)

If choosing toilet paper made from renewable sources is important to you then this fabulous product, created from a mixture of sugar cane fiber and bamboo, is the obvious buy. It’s softer to the touch and more absorbent than recycled paper too, and there are no added perfumes or dyes to irritate sensitive skin.

Premium, Earth-Friendly Toilet Paper (Brand – Aria)

This product manages to feel like a luxury tissue as it is both thicker and stronger than many of its rivals in the unbleached toilet paper world. It also manages to retain enough softness – despite lacking the lotions and potions which are usually used to create that finish.

Premium 100% Recycled Bathroom Tissue (Brand – Green Forest)

Created from recycled paper, hypo-allergenic, dye and fragrance-free, and easily biodegradable, these unusually large rolls of toilet tissue are great value for money, as well as being kind to sensitive skin.

Choosing the best toilet paper for you and your family is an important task, especially when you are looking for a particular kind of product – such as toilet paper for sensitive skin. One thing which we know for sure is that whatever toilet tissue features you judge to be important, you can be sure there’s a perfect product out there that can deliver.


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