Why I’m dieting, exercising but still gaining weight?

still gaining weight

“Why I’m dieting, exercising but still gaining weight?” is the shortest horror story ever. Disheartening it is when you diligently follow a routine and the results are contrary to what you wished for. You were driven by ‘No Pain, No Gain’ motto, but all what you get in this journey is ‘More Pain’. It makes you lose hope, ditch this strict lifestyle and resort to easier routine.

First of all, do not take stress because stress makes you gain more weight. Many people are prey to this problem and it can be solved if given the right amount of attention.

Why are you gaining weight?

Reasons for gaining weight could be different for one and another. If you are exercising and dieting, and still gaining weight, it means you are lacking something you are not aware of. In this article, we are enlisting some of the potential reasons that might be the cause for your failed attempts at losing weight.


Food intake matters the most when you aspire to lose weight. Many times, dieting is mistaken to be depriving yourself of food and it is the wrong approach indeed. Dieting is all about eating healthy and in a regulated manner. Food consumed must be nutritious and according to the demands of the body.

Potential problems areas:

  • There is a possibility that you are eating too many calories. Many people often overestimate their calorie intake, and you may be one of them.
  • Are you eating processed foods? Canned foods are labeled as healthy and natural, but the reality is the opposite. You must rely on whole foods, they are more healthy and filling.
  • Resorting to diet also has some side effects. The prime most side effect is binge eating. Even if you are eating healthy, eating large amounts of food can make you fat.
  • You might be eating too less of protein. Protein is the utmost important nutrient when you are trying to lose weight. They increase your metabolism and do not allow fat to store in the body.
  • Water is crucial to remove all the toxins from the body and it’s a crucial part of the diet. Sometimes we get so focused on the diet that we almost forget about drinking the right quantity of water.

How to eat right?

Eating right requires a systematic approach. Prepare a diet chart and follow it religiously. These days it’s almost impossible to get the sufficient to get the desired results. You need to take an extra mile for the body you dream of. That’s why consider going for a dietary supplement that aids to your weight loss journey. If you want the best dietary supplement, you can check out the Lactobacillus Gasseri supplement. It is a dietary supplement that manages your weight and maintains your body in a healthy state. It improves your gut health and enables your body to shed off some weight.


Exercising is as important as the food. It gives your body strength and shape. It helps you burn unwanted calories and keep you active throughout the day. It involves cardio and resistance training.

Potential problems areas:

  • If you are new in the gym, take help from the trainers. Weight training is not as easy as it seems. Many people rely on youtube tutorials and do the exercises on their own. They do them the wrong way and ultimately, they end up with no results.
  • Many people commit the horrendous mistake of working out with an empty stomach. One cannot exercise well without having sufficient energy. Exercising with no energy is equivalent to not exercising at all.
  • Missing out on cardio can also be one of the reasons for gaining weight. It is important for reducing belly fat and visceral fat.

How to work out the right way?

Dedicate an hour for exercising every day. Take help to make sure you’re doing the exercises right. Take a banana or a protein shake before hitting the gym. Give equal importance to both cardio and weight lifting.

Previous Health Condition or Stress

There are certain health conditions that make losing weight a difficult task. Health disorders like PCOS, hypothyroidism hinder the path of slimming. If you are doing everything right and still gaining weight, consult a doctor. Once the condition is cured, shedding weight will become easier.

Increased stress levels assert a negative influence of the body and it can trigger weight gain. Increased stress induces overeating habits. Increasing insulin levels in the body which lowers down the blood sugar levels, it makes you crave more for fatty and sugary foods.

The Bottom Line

Find out the flaws in your health routine from this guide and work on them. Remember, losing weight cannot occur overnight. It is a time-consuming process and therefore, you need to be patient and resilient.


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