The 7 Fridge Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

The 7 Fridge Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed

Fridges can be one of the best home appliances to several people. On the other hand, some people get annoyed after a while of using the fridge because of how messy it can be. However, it is important to remember the many things you can do with a fridge. After a tiring day at work, on returning home, you can reach for the refrigerator to get cold water. The fridge can also be a place you have to store food items to prevent them from spoiling. How about fruits that can be kept in there to ensure you have them served really chilled? No doubt the fridge is more useful to you than it troubles you.

Many times, the problems we have with our fridge always arise based on our buying choice. This is why it is still best to take into consideration certain features when buying a refrigerator. These features will help make sure that you are buying a fridge you can deal with. Now, it is very possible that you have had a fridge for years and not know that you can do a lot with it. This is why in this article, we shall be showing you 7 fridge hacks you didn’t think you needed to effectively and comfortably use your fridge.

  1. Making Use Of the Eat Me First Box

A lot of the things that are many times stored in the refrigerator are perishable food items. These food items are being kept in there to have them preserved. Many times, the preservation required for specific food items are limited. However, due to the many contents of the fridge, it is always challenging to keep up with these food items. This is where the role of the ‘eat me first’ box becomes very necessary. In using this box, you can put these items that might get to perish quickly into them. This will help in drawing your attention to them and prevent your fridge from getting messy when these items eventually perish.

  1. Add Lazy Susan to Your Fridge

Lazy Susan is a fridge hack tool just many individuals are familiar with. This can be helpful in two important ways in your fridge. First, it ensures that things kept in the fridge are well organized. This makes it easy for you to be able to keep track of items kept in the fridge and get them when they are needed.  Secondly, the lazy Susan is versatile in use in that you can use to store either condiments or food items being kept in a jar. A more organized fridge is a less messy one and this you can attain with a lazy Susan.

  1. Vinegar and Baking Soda Can Help Remove Odour

The more your fridge gets messed up, the more it is likely to produce a horrible smell. Many times, this odor remains even after you have had to watch the fridge. Making use of vinegar and baking powder in the fridge can help in getting rid of this bad odor.

The 7 Fridge Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed baking soda

  1. Placing Magnets at the Bottom of Containers Can Help Keep Them Firm

A big event is here, and you need to have your mini fridge take up several items and you are worried as to how to go about it. By placing magnets at the bottom of containers, they can stay firm and allow for other items into the fridge as well.

  1. Place Condiments Upside Down in Egg Carton

A good old way that feels more like recycling these condiments is to have them placed upside down in an egg carton. Just get to egg cartons and place them one against the other and the condiments in it.

The 7 Fridge Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed eggs

  1. Magnet Kid’s Cup

Kids a few times are the reason why the fridge gets messy. This because they are always found trying to reach out for one item or the other in the fridge. In so doing, they pour these things into the fridge, and it causes it to smell. To avoid this, always make sure to place a magnet at the bottom of kid’s cup and have them placed somewhere they cannot access.

  1. Make Use of Fridge Liners

Consistently cleaning the fridge can get you exhausted sometimes. This happens when you have to deal with a lot of spillages in the refrigerator. You might not be able to stop the spillages or leakages, but you can save yourself the stress of everyday cleaning. To do this, you can get washable fridge liners and fridge mats. When any of these spillages happen, all you will have to do is to remove these fridge liners and mats, wash them and have them replaced.

Your fridge can do more than you know it to do. Cleaning the refrigerator is also not as stressful as you think. With all these 7 hacks provided, you should be able to have an organized fridge where you can locate items kept quickly and also have the fridge cleaned at all times.


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