Eight Tips for Spicing Up Your Relationship

Eight Tips for Spicing Up Your Relationship

The longer you are in a relationship, the more routine it starts to become, and it can easily begin to feel like the ‘spark’ that you felt at the beginning is no longer there. If you start to slip into a routine and form habits with your partner and even begin to take them for granted, it’s not unusual to want to feel the ‘butterflies’ that you felt at the beginning once again. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to keep the chemistry alive and spice up your relationship both inside and outside of the bedroom. If you are looking for a way to inject some excitement and passion back into your relationship, here are a few ideas to try out.

#1. Surprise Dates:

Date night is always a lovely thing to do together as a couple, but when you’ve been together for a while, even going on a date can become a bit routine. Perhaps you’ve found yourself returning to the same restaurant time and time again for a meal, and never really seem to do anything new and exciting together. Take it in turns to plan surprise dates for each other – plan something fresh and exciting, maybe something that you’ve always wanted to try but have never gotten around to doing.

#2. Pamper Each Other:

The routine of day to day life can begin to get us down, especially if you’re working long hours and raising a family at the same time. Setting aside some time to pamper each other and relax together is a great way to wind down and spend quality bonding time together as a couple. You don’t need to splash out on a fancy spa to get a relaxing massage; get some nice smelling massage oils, light some candles and work out any aching muscles together. You can even get hot stones to use; simply warm them up in some warm water and enjoy a relaxing spa experience at home.

#3. Travel Together:

Visiting an exciting new place together is a great way to add some excitement into your relationship, so if you get the chance to, you should travel together as much as you can. And, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend money on traveling overseas – simply taking a road trip to the next state or city can be a memorable experience and a chance to get away from your daily routine. Or, if you’re on a tight budget, why not take a day to explore your local area as if you were a tourist, seeing all the different sights and attractions?

#4. Learn Something New:

Learning something new together can be a great thing to do as a couple and will give you something else in common that you can share, to help strengthen your relationship. And, there are so many different ideas that you could choose from – art classes, learning a new language together, trying out a new sport, cooking classes, or acting classes are all fun ideas to try with your partner.

#5. Be Spontaneous:

If you feel like your relationship is getting stuck in a routine, then it’s best to try and break the cycle by injecting a little bit of spontaneity into your lives. And, it doesn’t have to be something big – a spontaneous vacation is a great idea, but not always possible – to focus on little things instead as much as possible. For example, take your partner on a surprise date, get them a small gift for no reason, surprise them by cooking their favourite meal, or take a spontaneous road trip. After all, when you’re first dating someone, much of the excitement comes from the unknown, so being more spontaneous in your relationship can help you get the spark that comes with unpredictability back.

#6. Practice Gratitude:

After a while in a relationship, it can become all too easy to take your partner for granted, and forget just how much you appreciate them and everything that they do for you, even the small things like bringing you a drink or taking out the trash. It’s so important to practice gratitude in your relationship and say thank you every day to your partner; both people need to know that they are loved and appreciated. Doing so will make you feel healthier and happier together, and also improve the attraction and intimacy between the two of you.

#7. Try Something New in the Bedroom:

Long-term relationships don’t just become predictable in every day, they can also begin to become routine in the bedroom too, which can have an effect on the intimacy, attraction, and chemistry between the two of you. So, making an effort to try something new with your partner in the bedroom is important, too. Sex toys and flavoured lubricants are a great addition to get started with, and you can buy sex toys online discreetly, too – it can be exciting to simply browse through a website with your partner and look through the options together to choose what you’d like. Opening up to your partner about your sex life can be difficult, but with clear communication, you can talk about what each of you would like to try and maybe even learn something new about your partner that you didn’t know.

#8. Show More Affection:

Sex is great and really important in a relationship, but don’t fall into the trap of only being physical with one another when you’re getting it on in the bedroom. Make an effort to show more physical affection to your partner, whether it’s simply holding their hand when you’re walking together, giving them a hug when they get home from work, a goodnight kiss, or cuddling up together on the sofa to watch a movie. When it comes to attraction and intimacy in a relationship, never underestimate the power of touch!

It’s completely normal for long-term relationships to become routine, but there are many great ideas for spicing up your life together and getting that initial chemistry back. What will you try for your relationship? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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