The Ultimate Checklist to Help You Choose Perfect Venue for All Your Events

The Ultimate Checklist to Help You Choose Perfect Venue for All Your Events

Planning an event is can be a very exciting experience. From creating a guest list to choosing a theme and hiring caterers to bring your vision to life through their inventive menus — it is a fun process!

But planning an event can also be tedious and stressful, especially when you have to pick the perfect event venue in san diego that is easy to reach, accommodating and affordable.

Considering all the preparation that goes into arranging an event venue, you might want to think about creating a checklist for all the things you need in a venue for it to be perfect for your event!

     1. The Location

Choosing a location that is easy to reach and is located at a convenient distance from all the guests is important. However, the location of your event venue depends on the nature of the occasion.

For example, if you’re planning a local business conference, the location should be within close proximity to your headquarters. On the other hand, if it is a family celebration, the venue should be minutes from your residence,  so that your family members can reach the location easily (or without getting lost)!

In addition, don’t forget to notate the following in your checklist:

  • The traffic near or around the venue
  • Parking availability
  • Public or private transport availability

     2. Parking Options

Although this is something you will look into when choosing a location, you must consider the parking options available on-site or off-site. In addition, it is important to know whether there is a valet parking or a self-parking lot for the guests.

The perfect event venue should offer on-site parking. But if the venue of your choice doesn’t offer on-site parking, you need to gauge the alternatives such as:

  • Reserving a nearby garage or lot for off-site parking
  • Offering exclusive Uber or Lyft discounts exclusively to the attendees
  • Offering a van pick up and drop off for the guests
  • Providing valet parking, exclusively arranged for the event

     3. Accommodation

The size of the venue you choose depends on the number of guests you’ve invited, the scale of the event (small-scale or large attendee list), and the type of activities planned such as keynote speakers, outdoor dining, bar, etc.

Make sure to plan your estimated guest list size way before you go event venue hunting. You can only find the perfect space if you know the number of people that will be invited.

     4. Services and Facilities

To ensure your event is a success and enjoyed by all the attendees, it is important to understand the services and facilities that you will need. You will have to make sure that the event space has all kinds of facilities that the guests may enjoy, such as food and beverages, décor, flowers, lighting, sound system, stage set up, a projector (for business purposes), Wi-Fi system, charging stations, etc.

Sometimes, the perfect event space that is an easy-to-reach location, offers on-site valet parking, and can accommodate up to 500 guests won’t include the kinds of services and facilities you’d expect.

If this is the case, you could seek the venue team’s permission to arrange the services on your own or ask whether they have partner vendors. Make sure to ask about each option so you can prepare accordingly.

     5. Style and Theme

Do you have a style or theme in mind already? Then it’s best to look for an event venue that fits your vision! This way, you will be able to work with the existing space in its natural state, even if hiring an event planner for décor. Starting with a venue that already fits the style and theme you have in mind for the occasion you want to host can cut down on your extra stress.

For example, if you’re looking for a venue space for a business meeting, then a space that is particularly designed to host conferences will be the perfect choice for you. Similarly, if you’re planning to host a post-wedding party, then an event venue with a beautiful indoor and outdoor setting will be perfect for you!

     6. Layout

A key decision when organizing an event is choosing a venue to host it in. The sooner you pick a place, the sooner you are able to start finalizing the details. When choosing an event venue, you need to consider its overall layout and floor plan. If your event is an interactive one with a speaker, you will need a stage set up with the seating arrangement facing towards it. On the other hand, if the event is a semi-formal dinner, then the seating arrangement should ideally be vertical in clustered tables to promote interaction between your guests.

Understanding the layout in advance is important because it helps you determine the order and placement in which all the activities will be held. From the bar area to the stage area—the entire setting depends on the layout! To get more ideas about how you should plan your event, you may want to visit the venue at least once.

     7. Ambiance

A lot of people underestimate the importance of ambiance. Truth be told, the ambiance of the event venue you choose matters a lot as it complements the nature of your event. Imagine hosting a child’s birthday party in a high-tech traditional conference center – it would be the wrong environment! You want your location to match the occasion.

To make sure the ambiance is perfect, you’ll need to make sure it complements the type of event you’re hosting.

     8. Other

The main considerations of selecting an event venue may be covered, but the tiny details that need to be considered are equally important!

Some of the other things you need in the ideal event space include:

  • Kitchen facility (if there are food/snacks)
  • Green room (in case you’re hosting a play or fun activity)
  • Equipment (depending  on the type of your event)
  • License (for bar service, for example)
  • Staging area (such as a bridal room for a wedding)

Now that we have pointed out all the crucial factors, please remember that the most important aspect of choosing the most suitable event venue is that it should be within your budget! So before you scavenge for event spaces, make sure the rental (and other) cost match your budget!


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