Home Safety Tips You May Not Know About

Home Safety Tips You May Not Know About

Since childhood, we are given various safety tips.  Some of them are obvious, and some are not. The obvious ones, for example, having a fire extinguisher in the house and in the car. However, not everyone knows how to choose them correctly. Although, the Rightchoicelab.com can help you with this.

In the modern world, most people have costly technical equipment in the house, as well as other valuable things. So now, it is important to take care of the security of your home like never before. Read our article if you want to learn something new about such necessary home security.

1.      The Everyday Rule

Develop some behavior rules that will be the first step to prevent robbery. Always close all the windows and doors, even if you leave your home for a few minutes. A slightly open window for a burglar is like a fully open window. Any clearance should be closed, even in places that are hard to reach.

2.      Take Care of The Keys

You cannot hide a spare key close to your house. Using your smartphone as a key will be much better. One example of such device is Bluetooth Smart Lock, where a smartphone is used for unlocking. Of course, you can program the phone of a close person as a spare key. If any of the telephone keys are lost, they can be immediately deactivated.

3.      Safe Vacation

Vacation is the time of a particular risk of being robbed. While you are on vacation, the house is not only uninhabited but also starts to look uninhabited after several days of your absence. Tell reliable, trusted neighbors that you are going on vacation and ask them to at least take the correspondence from the mailbox. Blinds, lights, and radio can be connected to a timer and programmed for a regular on-off.

Modern approach: intelligent lighting systems can be customized to a specific work schedule. You should also connect call forwarding from a home phone to a mobile phone, as smart burglars first “ring out” their apartments or houses of interest. Also, you can always redirect all incoming calls to your friends or relatives.

4.      Basic Security System

Double door locks, window locks, additional balcony doors, and an alarm unit mounted in a prominent position can scare away the thieves. Of course, no one will give a 100% guarantee against hacking, but robbers always have to work quickly, and they just will not want to face a lot of obstacles.

A motion sensor can be good protection as well, as it controls the exterior lighting in the dark. So, the presence of a solid arsenal of security will significantly complicate the work of criminals. Nearly 40% of robberies fail even when attempting to enter a dwelling through additionally protected windows and doors.

5.      Special Devices

While the main protection is given rather by mechanical means, specialized electronics will give additional protection from theft. For example, there are alarms that exert psychological pressure on robbers with a high level of noise. In addition, you can connect the “quiet” alarm to the console of the security service and it will help detain and arrest the robbers right at the crime scene.


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