How to Find the Best Custom Aquarium Builders for Any Tank Project

How to Find the Best Custom Aquarium Builders for Any Tank Project

So, you have decided to get a custom aquarium? Awesome. Most people don’t put in too much effort when it comes to aquariums but for the enthusiast, a custom tank is a way to go. Going for a novelty tank might seem to be a daunting task but it’s actually very easy to go about if you know what to look for. Here’s how to find the best custom aquarium builder for your tank project.

Identify your need:

Before you begin, consider taking down notes for your project. You will first need to figure out what you want your aquarium to look like and where you would want it to be displayed in your home because that will determine the size, shape and overall look of the tank. Your decision to hire the right custom aquarium builder will weigh heavily on what your vision is for the fish tank. It is important that you brainstorm your ideas. Start with the shape first and then work your way up to the aesthetics and aquatic “décor”. Remember, an aquarium is an extension of your home’s décor. Even if the tank is empty it should look like a work of art. Invest time in your research and brainstorming before you go out searching for a builder.

Know your choices:

Before you start looking for a custom aquarium builder, you will need to brush up on your aquarium basics. Most aquariums are made up of either glass or acrylic and can be used for either a freshwater or saltwater setup. Both have their pros and cons, but both are great materials for an elegant looking aquarium. Depending on the shape you want your aquarium to be, most custom aquarium builders will ask you to not go for glass if you have envisioned your aquarium to have an irregular or novelty shape. Acrylic is a glassy thermoplastic; it can be cast and molded into any shape. Any good custom aquarium builder should be able to list down the benefits of having an acrylic aquarium over traditional glass ones. If you are looking for a sturdy, easily maintainable, and novelty aquarium then there are plenty of acrylic custom aquarium builders out there who can help you bring your vision to life. 

Assess your budget:

Now that you have identified your vision for the aquarium and the material to use, it is now time to assess your budget. Most custom aquarium builders like Titan Aquatic Exhibits will help you out with the budgeting for your project. Now would be a good time to explore the options you have around your area. A quick online search should help you get started. Once you have identified and shortlisted the builders and shared your plans with them, you should aim to get multiple quotes to know which custom aquarium builders are the best fit.


Knowing your schedule for the project will make all the difference in getting your project executed perfectly. Most custom aquarium builders will charge you as per the project’s basic requirements and additional customizations. Please don’t forget to convey your timeline to the builders so that they may let you know if it’s possible for them or not. This will save you a lot of time, money and effort. For example, if you choose the most sought-after custom aquarium builder, but they give you a timeline of months, you should probably move on to other options because the time spent won’t be worth the bill. Communication is key. Keep the builder in the loop and ask them to update you on every milestone so that it’s easy for you to track the project and intervene if there is a change in your original plan.

Go for a one-stop vendor:

The best aquarium builder will be the one that offers a complete solution for your needs. Look for custom aquarium builders that can build the tank, help you decorate, and set it up wherever you want in the house. A one-stop vendor will benefit you tremendously in terms of time and your personal effort. The right builder will help you out with everything and discuss every milestone of the project. You do not want a builder that only builds the tank and leaves you hanging for the rest. From tank lighting to filtration systems, to even vendors who offer fish supplements and nutritional products; you can find all of that in one. You should mostly consider a builder who can help you out from start to finish and even offer maintenance services after the project is completed.


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