5 reasons to choose hair transplants in Turkey

5 reasons to choose hair transplants in Turkey

There are thousands of reasons to visit Turkey from cuisine to culture to history, but a modern sector of tourism is attracting thousands of people from all across the world every month. Medical tourism has become a significant source of tourist attraction to the old city of Istanbul. To be specific, it is the hair transplant industry in Turkey that attracts the majority of tourists. Below are five reasons how Istanbul grew to be the number 1 hair transplant destination and why you should consider visiting as a medical tourist to restore your crown.

1- High-quality medical care

Hair transplants may be low-risk procedures and minimally invasive surgeries; however, they are still considered medical procedures that should not be taken lightly. Given the simple nature of the process, hospitals abroad may not treat the procedure as serious as they should. Some clinics or centers perform the treatment in clinic rooms that are not adequately sterilized.

In Turkey, however, some hospitals like Vera Clinic perform the microsurgery in proper surgical rooms, to ensure the safety of the patient. Moreover, the sterilized environment ensures a low risk of infection.

2- Cutting-edge techniques

As the hair transplant capital of the world, Turkey has more to offer than traditional methods of hair transplantation. The country is continuously endeavoring to maintain its spot and exceed expectations. A recent hair transplantation technique known as sapphire FUE has emerged and revolutionized the industry. The treatment enhances the incision making phase in the traditional FUE. With sapphire FUE, the blades are made of sapphire stone, and given its rare qualities, the edges can be shaped to have precise V-shaped ends as opposed to the U-shaped ends in steel blades.

The sharper tip and smaller surface area allow for more incisions to be made at a higher pace, shortening by that the duration of the channel-opening phase and consequently exposure time of the grafts leading to better results. Moreover, the increased sharpness requires minimal effort to penetrate the scalp eliminating by such the possibilities of damaging neighbor tissue.

3- The comfort of patients is a priority

Hair transplant centers in Turkey go the extra mile to ensure the comfort of their patients. Most centers provide services that include airport pick up and greetings, a 3-night stay in a five-star hotel, a personal interpreter, and a complementary PRP therapy.

The interpreters facilitate communication between patient and doctor. The personal driver escorts the patient between airport, hotel, and clinic. The services, all together, add a touch of warmth in the hearts of those who have traveled overseas and are far from home.

4- Cost efficient

The affordability of the procedures is surprising for those who learn about the quality of medical care and the services provided by hair transplant centers in Turkey. Inclusive of services and surgery the prices can be around $2,500. While it may be very cheap for us living abroad, it is important to remember that for Turkish citizens. Compared to the salaries of locals and the cost of living, the surgery is relatively expensive. In other words, it is cheap for tourists only and not an indicator of quality.


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