Calming Interiors And A Calmer Mind: Making A More Relaxing Home

Calming Interiors And A Calmer Mind: Making A More Relaxing Home


We all suffer from the stresses of everyday life, and as such, our home needs to be a sanctuary of sorts for us to escape the anxieties. But when we have specific problems with our home, such as a lack of space, or a lack of money, it can feel like we’re stuck in a sort of limbo. These rooms we own aren’t serving their true purpose. As such, this can feed into our mentality, that we are somewhat trapped by our own home. But, the key is not in making huge renovations, but about adding little touchstones and changing your mindset to make the space more relaxing. How can we do this?

Be Savvy With Your Renovation

When money is a problem, and we want to change absolutely everything about our home, it’s not feasible in the slightest. As such, it’s far better for us to concentrate our efforts on one aspect of renovation that we will know improves our home, increases the value, but also makes the space more relaxing as a whole. It is entirely your call, but if you want to make a space more relaxing, you’ve got to ask yourself, where do you spend most of your time, or where would you rather go to feel relaxed? Some people like to go into their garden to escape domestic pressures but if you don’t have a garden space, you should try the bathroom. While a lot of people go for the kitchen as a priority in terms of renovation, if you already have a decent space, your mindset needs to be a priority. The kitchen isn’t conducive to relaxation anyway and is more a hub of activity. So, think about renovating the bathroom to make it a more calming space. A lot of people decide to emulate the spa aesthetic, and this can be easily done with a granite bath, and a few simple touchstones that make it a more calming environment. Plants work wonders, not just because they provide that essential greenery, but they also help to oxygenate the space. When you choose plants, you need to ensure they are able to thrive in these humid environments.

Change The Purpose Of A Room

If you can’t renovate, reorganize! A room serves a specific purpose, but if you are feeling uninspired by your home, and you have enough space to play with, making a few room swaps could reinvigorate the entire house. It’s not easily done with the kitchen space, of course. But what you can do is double up the purpose of these rooms. If you live in a small home anyway, figuring out a way to free up one of the rooms, by making another room serve two purposes could help provide a respite. For example, lots of modern apartments have a living room and kitchen in one, separated with a minimal boundary. You could do this with your kitchen, and move some furniture into the kitchen space, but this is all conjecture. After all, you don’t want to move your couch into the kitchen! But instead, if you are someone who eats in front of the television, perhaps moving a table and chairs into the kitchen space, making the living room free to serve a different purpose can change your attitude towards the space.

Play With Color

One of the simplest ways to make a space more relaxing is to change the environment. The color of your walls can dictate so much. And when you have a very busy wall space, with lots of pictures and decorations, or even stencils, simplification will work wonders. This is in effect, decluttering your mind. If you have wall spaces that have too much, not only is it very unclear as to the aesthetic of the home, but it can detract from the beauty of the space. Playing with color, and helping each room serve a slightly different purpose and environment can work wonders. Of course, when it comes to color, we all have our own individual preferences. But, if you want to turn a space into a more relaxing area, it might be worth using one space only, painting it a different color to the rest of the house, and see if this inspires you. But if you’re looking to make the whole home a calmer arena, colors that aren’t so stimulating need to be reduced or completely gotten rid of. Relaxing colors like blue and green are great because they reflect nature and reduces stress. But you should also think about colors like yellow, violet, and even grey! You may think grey to be a very depressing color, but if you choose the right tone, it can be very cooling and soothing. You should also think about pairing colors together. Grey works very well with aspects of blue and white.

Change Your Senses

And it’s not just about the space we decorate, we should work to calm our senses with the right implements. Think about all the senses, and how they work together to relax you. You may find the one aspect, such as sight, is over stimulating you anyway. In which case, repainting the walls and reducing clutter will work wonders. But in other ways, such as smell, you can play with scented candles, flowers and plants, or the right air freshener to change the feel of the place. Think about how much stress your home communicates. For example, do you live in a noisy area? Minimizing external noise is essential for a calm home. And this can be quite difficult to achieve, but you can shop around for a selection of soundproof wallpaper or soundproof lining papers. But in addition to this, if money is an issue, you can find materials that absorb sound better. Thicker curtains being a very good example. And with thicker materials, this automatically creates a cozier environment, which can do wonders for your frame of mind.

Working With Layers

Layers work wonders to make a home relaxing, especially if you don’t want to make significant changes to the space. Layers, like throws on a couch, as well as rugs and pillows, communicate a very cozy environment. You can work with layers in so many different ways. If you have hardwood floors, you can use rugs to create a focal point or have them tie into the furniture. And as well as adding the layers, you can start to play with textures. Various textures, in combination with certain colors, can communicate a very relaxing aesthetic, that feeds into your state of mind. Linen, as well as rugs and blankets, can increase that feeling of comfort. And from there, you can add some personal touches. If you want to create one specific area that aids relaxation, put the inviting touches there, such as an armchair, or maybe a few books and a reading lamp, and you’ve easily created one relaxing space. This is essential if you don’t have much in the way of room in the house.

Don’t Forget To Declutter

And decluttering is essential if you want a more relaxing space. If you have a very busy household, with but everywhere, pictures on the wall, and a various smorgasbord of color, decluttering makes for a more focused home, but it can calm your mind instantly. The best place to begin is the bedroom. When it comes to decluttering the home, there are so many implements in the bedroom that can disappear. It shouldn’t be about numerous items of furniture, or a television and DVD player, make it simple. Focus on one color, or a couple of tones for the beds and linen, and work at calming the mind down. When you step into the bedroom, you should feel primed to sleep. Decluttering is great in a physical sense, but we greatly underestimate the impact this has on our minds. As soon as your mind is rid of distractions, you will calm down. And if it doesn’t need saying, we’re going to say it anyway, get rid of your phone when you go into your bedroom. This will help make the space serve its real purpose.

A relaxing home isn’t hard to achieve, but when we have limited space, we can feel we don’t have many options. When we don’t have an abundance of choice, this is better for us. It concentrates our efforts. And as such, we’ve got to pick the handful of implements that work well for the space and our mindset. This can mean just a couple of colors, and this can also mean getting rid of non-essential items. Clutter will make for a busy mind, and the same applies to your interiors. And if you only have a bit of money, it’s far better to make a concerted effort to turn one space into a relaxing haven, rather than trying to alter one little bit in each room. Because if you do this, it’s not going to look like you’ve done much to it. And if you’re after a more relaxing home, just think about what you want. There are so many great ideas out there, but if you have a singular vision, this will automatically relax you as you are more content in the space.


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