4 Creative Ways to Make Coffee

4 Creative Ways to Make Coffee

Coffee is a popular beverage that has instant energy boosting ability. Brewing coffee is not just scooping a spoonful and adding it to hot water. There are different personalized ways of preparing the beverage to achieve diverse tastes. Most of them are local cuisines that have been popularized over the years and have even been commercialized. You can make your coffee cold, hot, non-caffeine, creamy, spicy, or with milk or plain. Below are some of the ways through which you can prepare your coffee:

1) Filter Coffee

This famous coffee recipe originated from South India. As the name suggests, the grounds are placed on a filter. Water is then poured on it in a container with milk. To make this drink, you will need a coffee maker, water, a filter (this comes with the coffee maker), coffee grounds, milk, and sugar.

Fill water on the appliances’ water storage and insert the cone-shaped coffee filter. Add the coffee ground to the filter, measuring two tablespoons for every 10 ounces of water you pour. After this, begin brewing your coffee by turning on the coffee maker. In five minutes, your filter coffee will be ready. All you have to do is mix it with milk and sugar. Siphon coffee makers will give you the best results for this unique type of recipe. Find the one that is suited for domestic use if you intend to try this recipe at home.

2) Irish Coffee

This is a cocktail every alcohol lover should make once in his or her lifetime. This brew requires little effort and time to prepare. You need Irish whiskey, hot brewed coffee, sugar, and whipped cream. The measurements are 150 ml of black coffee, two tablespoons of cream, 50 ml of Irish whiskey and a spoon of sugar. You only have to mix the coffee, whiskey, and sugar in a cup and top it with the whipped cream.

3) Iced Coffee

This is the best drink to stay cool during the summer and keep your energy level high. To make iced coffee, you need two spoonfuls of instant coffee, three spoonfuls of warm water, a spoonful of sugar, ice cubes, and a cup of cold milk. Pour the sugar, coffee and warm water into a jar and mix them then add milk and the ice cubes. It will take you only five minutes to prepare this drink. You can adjust the taste as desired.

4) Mocha Spiced Coffee

If you are looking for a new taste, the Mocha coffee is the recipe to go for. You need a half a cup of instant coffee, 1 liter of water, one cup of milk, and a quarter cup of sugar. It would help if you also had the following spices a spoon of cinnamon, a spoon of vanilla extract and half a cup of light chocolate syrup. Mix all the ingredients and brew it over low heat and keep stirring till all the sugar dissolves. After three minutes of boiling, you can serve mocha with whipped cream or without.


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