The Health Aspects of Children Going Barefoot

The Health Aspects of Children Going Barefoot

It is a fact that whenever you see someone’s child playing without sneakers, you consider the kid’s parents to be careless. You might feel that there is no protection for their feet. Also, you may be wary of them stepping on a sharp glass object or a rock. Most children’s shoe laces can be uncomfortable for them and tough to learn how to tie and wear them, so they may prefer going barefoot than spending most of their time in tying the conventional laces. In such a case, you can buy no-tie laces that make wearing sneakers easy for kids. However, you should consider the benefits and effects of children playing without sneakers, before accusing the parents of carelessness.

The Sneakers Vs Barefoot Argument

The arguments about letting the feet go bare or not are quite old. A few years ago, a company made sneakers which they claimed copy running barefoot. They also claimed that those sneakers help to develop stronger legs and foot muscles along with improving posture. But, a customer filed a lawsuit against the company who claimed that the sneakers didn’t indeed provide the said benefits. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) gave the following comments about this lawsuit. “Barefoot running or walking has been considered as developing vigor and balance while ensuring a more natural and realistic running style. Although, one needs to know the consequences of going barefoot can include a lack of safety. It could cause injuries like punctures, cuts, and more stress on the lower part of the body.” However, the final decision is to be made by the parents to allow their children to go barefoot considering all the pros and cons.

The Problem with Sneakers

Sneakers don’t allow the children to trace the surfaces like tree branches because of their stiffness. This can lead to falling and slipping of the child. Improper use or poorly fitted sneakers can also result in structural problems and in-grown toenails in the child’s foot.

Children Sneakers

Experts who are in favor of going barefoot claim that sneakers change the shape of the growing foot of the children. The sneakers force the foot to conform according to the shoe shape. Thus, the feet must be constraint-free, to allow them to naturally develop.

Baby Sneakers

The scientific research says that going barefoot helps the toddlers in improving their coordination, balance, and strength. However, the temperature of the ground on which they walk must be taken into account. Boots or socks will protect them from cold surfaces.

Consider the Environment

Given the benefits of going barefoot, there are certain surfaces where it is better for children to wear sneakers. You should consider before letting your child walk barefoot in the following situations.

  • Children should wear sneakers while walking in locker rooms or around wet grass and pools. Moist, warm environment facilitates the rapid growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Make sure that the kids’ tetanus shots are current. Remember, contact with sharp objects could result in tetanus contraction.
  • Apply sunscreen on the feet of your child. They can also be subjected to sunburn like the other body parts. Hence, sun protection is necessary.
  • Take into account the temperature of the day. If it is a warm day, make your child wear sneakers. It will protect them from the burns caused by asphalt or sand.
  • If your kid gets a wound by stepping on some sharp object, immediately consult the doctor. The puncture wounds could be quite dangerous.

In the end, the children’s shoe laces can cause them to step over. Hence, slip-on sneakers or no-tie laces are a far better option.

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