How To Choose A Removal Company

How To Choose A Removal Company

Whether it’s your dream home or an upgrade to a more spacious dwelling, you’ve totally found the perfect spot. Paperwork all done, keys in hand, smiles all around, what’s next?

First off you need to figure out how to get all your belongings to the new location. Transporting your life is a daunting task, the smart move is to hire professionals.

Advantages Of Hiring A Removal Service

A quality removal service simplifies your life, they handle all the details to keep the move running smoothly. Turn over the nitty-gritty decisions and the heavy lifting and literally take the weight off your shoulders.

Firms like Pinnacle logistics that present reasonable strategies to handle your belongings inspire confidence. Know more about pinnacle logistics here.

Companies with rigid rules and restrictions are going to cause you pain. And more stress.

You want a house mover that’s flexible and adheres to your schedule no matter what date and time you choose, weekday or weekend.

Review available service options and decide what works for your household. Since this is a collaboration, the agent may also make informed suggestions to guide you.

The best companies provide exceptional levels of professional planning and execution from start to finish. They also respect the need to maintain communication with you for updates or questions.

In fact, most reputable removers will not process your payment until you are 100% satisfied. Their goal is a happy customer throughout the process.

All that’s needed to begin is an overview of your project. The company then gives you an overall outline of supplies and logistics, a price quote and schedules the moving date.

Packing Contract Examples

The decision is yours, select an option that fits your needs and capabilities.

1. Self-pack – the company delivers the packaging materials to your home. You do your own packing.

2. Packing done by experienced movers who wrap and pack all of your items. Labeled boxes allow easy access at the new location.

3. Export wrap is a technique suitable for international moves or long-term storage.

Good workers can professionally pack and unpack your belongings, dismount furniture, disassemble appliances and usually specialize in packing items that require special care. For example, you want someone who knows to protect the piano keys and pedals and has the equipment to solve any problem. 

Discuss Wrapping Needs

Discuss which items need wrapping and what kind of material will be used. Bubble wrap and plastic sheeting are two of the best materials to safely move furniture. Bubble wrap, in particular, is an excellent choice to protect your wood pieces from scratches and nicks. Plastic wrap or specially designed covers can protect upholstery.

The most reliable protection is triple packing, a total of three layers manufactured with thick polythene sheets and small bubble wrap in the core. Many moving companies use the product during transport, and for shipping, export wrapping or storage.

Team Work

You want a team that’s fully trained in all aspects of removals and has the correct equipment to move heavier items like appliances and pianos. The team should know the proper way to prepare artwork and antiques.

Did you know it’s better to wrap a dresser and the drawers because taping can ruin the finish? The company you hire will and they guarantee your belongings will be delivered and unloaded with care.


If your move-out, move-in dates don’t align your furniture can go into storage for a period of time. This will be included in your contract, generally, the company can quote an affordable rate. These facilities should be dry and alarmed for security, providing a safe haven for short and long-term storage.

Questions To Ask

Does this company contract out work or do they use their own staff and vehicles for every job?

What if something changes, such as the actual moving date or time?

The service you hire has to be calm and/or quick-thinking to correctly adjust to any last minute changes and unpredictable events.

What happens if one or both properties is awkward to access, has limited parking space or happens to be located on a narrow street or road?

Will the crew that arrives on moving day be knowledgeable about any and all special requirements to facilitate the removal?

Is extra insurance required?

Best case, your homeowners or rental policy will cover your expenses. Another consideration, the company is required by law to have public liability insurance to cover damages.

There’s a lot to do when moving to a new home. It can be exciting and sometimes confusing. Hopefully, the information in this article eases your decision-making.


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