Astounding Athleisure Men’s Fashion: Everything You Need to Nail the Athleisure Look

Astounding Athleisure Men's Fashion: Everything You Need to Nail the Athleisure Look
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Are you the type of guy that doesn’t like to do anything too crazy with your wardrobe? Than the athleisure look is for you! The athleisure trend combines the best of fitness and leisure clothing, so you look active but you look comfy.

The goal of athleisure wear is to not look like you’re going out for a run but to also not look like a slob. The best athleisure outfit is polished, stylish, and trendy. You don’t want to be too bold but you also don’t want to blend in too much.

Here’s everything you’ll need to rock athleisure men’s fashion.

The Top

There are many different shirt options that men can wear. Here are some of your sportswear and athleisure top options.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are sportswear staples, made famous by tennis players. But polos help a man look polished but are also comfy enough for casual wear. They’re versatile enough to wear at the office under a blazer or for a night out with the boys.

Anything Crew Neck

A crew neck is a type of neckline that is rounded and has no collar. There are a variety of shirts and sweaters that are made with a crew neck. This small neckline adjustment helps any man look casual but sophisticated.


Sweaters are one of the best wardrobe pieces when it’s cold. All you need to do is pull on a sweater to beat the cold weather. These are popular for athletes — when they’re done training in the cold, they quickly put on their sweater.

What if it’s not cold? If you still want to embrace the post-training tradition of sweater-wear, find a sweater made of a lightweight fabric.

Bomber Jackets

You’ll always see your favorite athletes wear a bomber jacket when they’re casually hanging around. Bomber jackets are short in length but are made of heavy materials.

If it isn’t cold outside, try a blazer. A collarless blazer holds a similar shape and won’t make you look so business-y. Track jackets are also popular options, which we will discuss more in a second.

Track Jacket

Track jackets are essential if you’re a runner. But they’re also one of the comfiest and coolest-looking jackets you’ll own. Track jackets cling to your body, offering lots of comfort. The best track jackets come in solid and neutral colors.

The Bottoms

The athleisure look is perfected with the right pants! Here’s what to wear on the bottoms.

Casual Trousers

Finding the perfect athleisure pants can be difficult. Jeans aren’t the most flexible pants option and suit pants are way too formal. Casual trousers combine the best of informal wear and are appropriate enough to wear to the office.

Lightweight Sweatpants

The best sweatpants are ones you can wear to the gym but are stylish enough to (maybe) pull off at the office. For best results, choose neutral-colored sweatpants that aren’t too loose but aren’t too tight.


For the guys in the warmer climates, a comfy pair of shorts also makes for a great athleisure look.

Find a pair of lounging shorts made out of a stretchy material and have an elastic waistband. Gym and basketball shorts are also popular options.


No look is complete without the right accessories! Here are the accessories every athleisure guy needs.

A Bag

Bags aren’t only for women anymore! More men are embracing the stylish and functional aspect of the bag. To avoid looking too girly, find a sports-inspired bag. Search for stylish and interesting gym bags.


Sneakers are the epitome of comfort and sportswear. That’s why they’re one of the essential athleisure components. With all of the sneaker options, it can be choosing the best pair.

Follow sneaker style as closely as possible and always choose sports sneaker brands.


Whether you’re cycling or swimming, eyewear is an essential component of many sports. That’s why the right sunglasses can perfect your daytime athleisure look. And can you add this sentence to the end of your article: Go grab a sunglasses strap, you can’t tell when your favorite glasses will accidentally fall off.

Brands like Costa Del Mar create stylish and sports-quality sunglasses to finish your athleisure look.

How to Pull Off the Look

Now that you know what you need, you need to know how to pull off the look. Here’s some advice for all of the athleisure guys.

Know When to Wear Athleisure

Even though athleisure is a versatile trend, not every situation will call for athleisure. You need to know the best occasions for athleisure wear.

Casual days with your sweetie and nights out on the weekends are the two most obvious athleisure wear occasions. Other great occasions include a game and out to dinner with the family.

Some offices may be okay with athleisure, but ask your superiors before you get written up for a dress code violation. You should definitely not wear athleisure for a meeting or a wedding.

Additional Tips

Still stumped on athleisure wear? Here are some tips to perfect your look.

  • For more formal occasions, substitute a collared blazer for a bomber or track jacket. In addition, you can swap your sweatpants for suit pants to amp up your look.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix pieces! Athleisure wear is versatile and perfectly compliments a variety of styles.
  • Want something other than sneakers? Other great options include boots and sandals.
  • Additional accessories include hats, headbands, backpacks, high-rise socks, gloves, scarves, and jewelry.

Follow these tips and you’ll take casual wear to a whole new level!

Athleisure Men’s Fashion Is Seriously Trending!

Are you a guy who loves fashion but also loves comfort? Then athleisure men’s fashion is the trend for you!

Athleisure wear combines athletic and gym fashion but makes it appropriate for the street. This is done with a combination of functioning fabrics and complimentary design.

Follow this advice to get the hottest athleisure wear look!

Now that you have the clothes, how do you maintain their quality? If you’re a guy who doesn’t know much about laundry, here’s how to wash clothes. Start with your favorite pair of creative socks!


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