How To Wash Your Creative Socks?

Christmas socks and cat cuddles 😻

Washing those delicate wools need extra care than the way you do your normal laundry. From the materials you use for the washing, to its procedure, everything should be taken care of.

The normal detergents should be avoided for washing those delicate creative socks. You wouldn’t want the beautiful, vibrant colour to be faded. Neither would you want your beautiful graffiti to be smudged? So, you need to choose the washing ingredients carefully.

It would be best if you could hand wash the socks. They do need extra and gentle care.

Even avoid using too much of fabric softeners. They do not cause severe damage, but they do reduce the moisture content from the cloth. They can even damage your best socks for sweaty feet.

The most important factor you should keep in mind while washing your dear socks is that never to apply chlorine bleach to it. It damages the fabric to a great extent.

As socks are worn on foot, and foot is subjected to be prone to fungus and other bacteria due to the accumulation of sweat and dirt, it is advisable to add natural disinfectants into the washing mixture. The best item you could use here is pine oil. Add a little bit of it while washing your socks to keep the impurities away and keep your feet safe.

Steps You Can Follow For Washing Your Socks:

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  • Separating Your Socks From The Other Garments:

It is always better to wash your socks separately from the other garments. They give out lint when being washed. This lint might damage the fabric. So, it is advisable to isolate them before washing.

  • Pairing Them Up Correctly:

You would want to segregate your socks and collect them in pairs before you wash them. The last thing you would want is to find one sock missing from the pair. So, go through the pile before washing them as socks have a high tendency to get lost.

  • Turn Them Inside Out Before Washing Them:

Turing the socks inside out would preserve the socks. While washing lint won’t is coming out from them then. Again, the colour, texture as well as the graphics would be better preserved if you inverted your creative socks before the wash.

  • Be Careful About Mixing Of Colours:

You wouldn’t want the colour from your red floral socks to permeate the colour of your white graffiti socks, making it lose its uniqueness. So, when pairing them up, also take care as to what colour to wash with what. It is again advisable to wash the white ones separately.

  • Wash With Cold Water And Use A Mild Detergent:

Cold water would be best to keep the fabric intact. It won’t do much damage to the wool. Fewer possibilities of lint coming out and hampering the texture of the socks. It is already discussed what a strong detergent could do to the socks. So if you don’t want to ruin those delicate beauties, use mild detergent and cold water to wash them.

  • Again Turn Them Right Side Out:
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Once the washing is done, invert them again right side over.

  • Dry Them Properly:

Dry them on a dryer. Do not use too much heat to dry them up. Natural sunlight and wind are the best for them to dry up. That would cause minimum damage to those creative socks.

  • Properly Fold Them Up And Keep Them In The Cupboard:

Last but not the least step would be to properly fold them up so that they don’t get creased up and keep them safely in the cupboard so that they would be ready at your service exactly when you would need them. You wouldn’t have to search the whole house to remember their whereabouts.

These were a few tips for carefully washing those special socks in your wardrobe. For any additional information about the socks, visit the site Socks From Hell.

Keep your socks safe and your wardrobe great.

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