Throwing an Entertaining Party at Home

Throwing an Entertaining Party at Home
The papers are signed, your items are moved in and now you’re the proud owner of a new home. Or, perhaps you just want to get some friends together for a good time. What a better way than inviting the closest people in your life over for a fun house party. Here are some tips for throwing a great shindig.
There are just a few types of drinks that every party should have. Be prepared to provide everyone young, old and all ages in between with refreshments including alcoholic and otherwise. Keep separate coolers for beer and soft drinks, to prevent kids from taking the wrong bottles. Another good tip is to keep plenty of fresh ice on hand for your guests, so they can pour their drinks into a plastic cup if they desire.  
Let the Good Times Roll
If you’re going to throw a party, you want to have good music playing. The type you play, however, largely depends on the type of event you’re hosting. If it’s a dinner-style engagement, then possibly some light jazz or classical would do the trick, but if you’re going for the house thumping dance floor extravaganza then filling your music player with the top hits is a must. And, if you’re not up to managing the playlist, consider hiring a professional DJ for a few hours to keep the music going.
What’s to Eat?
Everyone showing up to your home will undoubtedly be looking for something to eat at some point during the festivities, so be sure to plan out your spread ahead of time. A sound plan of action is to include easy-to-grab snack items such as nuts, cut-up vegetables with dips and chips to appease the guest looking to start off with something to nibble. Then work your way on up that totem pole and provide items with more substance. Offerings such as sandwiches, burgers, grilled or fried chicken, salads and pizza are items that appeal to the masses.
Decorations let you spread your wings and create something memorable and unique. Choose a theme or color scheme to suit your needs and grab a friend or family member and get to work on making your place look amazing. Add in some party accessories such as backdrop paper and props for fun photo opportunities and staples such as table covers, disposable cups, and plates for easy clean up after the party is over.
Keeping it Fun
With all of the food in place, the music ready and party favors at hand it is easy to enjoy time with friends and loved ones. The one caveat of a party including alcohol is the potential for someone to exceed their limits. If a guest at your party is known for excessive alcohol consumption, you might want to have a talk with that person prior to letting them know where you stand, particularly if they are belligerent.
Being truthful and honest can be very rewarding when it comes to the health of a friend or family member. There is a point when someone needs assistance with their alcohol consumption and if you are in the Ohio area, there are alcohol treatment programs in cincinnati that can help with addiction issues.
It’s important to keep it fun for everyone so that in the end all you are left is with good memories of your house party.


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