5 Things to Find Out before Paying for a Venue

5 Things to Find Out before Paying for a Venue

One of the most difficult things about planning an event is choosing the venue. It’s usually very difficult because you need to find a good location and space for just the right price. Even if you find a fantastic venue, you need to be sure that someone else hasn’t booked the place on the same day you plan to have your event. After all the stress, you eventually find a place that fits you perfectly and you want to pay. Just before making that payment, however, there are things you need to find out about the venue management team. Here are a few.

What your fee covers

You need to ask this question directly, especially if it hasn’t been expressed or it’s not in the contract you’re about to sign. It is wrong to assume anything you haven’t been told. There are many things you might need for your event which may include chairs, tables, a sound system, a DJ, food, and drinks. You need to know what your fee covers so you’ll know if you really can afford it and if you still have to spend money elsewhere for the things your fee doesn’t cover.

Bringing your own stuff

Some venues have strict rules about how many external provisions you are allowed to come in with. There are venues that may insist that they cover your catering but allow you to come with other things like music and decorations. These things vary from venue to venue. To avoid problems, ask directly.

Usage time

If this isn’t clearly stated, you need to ask. There are venues that give you a specific time range and will ask you to pay an extra fee if you intend to exceed the stipulated time. However, others don’t and will insist that you find a way to make sure your event does not exceed at all. You need to be sure which one you’re about to book to avoid embarrassing problems.

Adequate facilities

Are there enough facilities for the number of attendees you’re expecting? If there aren’t, is there a way to fix this? You also need to find out if the venue has facilities to ease physically challenged attendees. Wheelchair entrances and exits together with conveniences for different kinds of people should be confirmed.

Cancellation Policies

If there is a chance that you might cancel your booking, you need to find out what the venue’s cancellation policy is. Find out if your advance payment is refundable and how much of it will be refunded to you. There usually are a few rules regarding cancellations. Sometimes, you’re given a time-frame outside of which your deposit will not be refunded. This needs to be clearly stated as it would help you make a proper decision.

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