Everything You Need to Travel the World: 12 Essentials

Everything You Need to Travel the World: 12 Essentials


Traveling internationally changes your life. But what should you pack before you set out? A passport? Birkenstock sandals and a beach towel? Your smartphone? Check out our helpful advice for every tourist heading out to trek the globe.

Clothing Essentials

This might seem obvious but learn as much as you can about where you plan on going. If you are heading to the hot Caribbean, a set of trendy sandals for men and swimwear is ideal. But if you are going to alpine ski country, then you have an entirely different list of essentials to pack. Remember to minimize how much you pack by finding pieces that can mix and match for a variety of settings. Layers, like a jacket over a sleeveless summer dress, helps you upscale a casual outfit. The same goes for shoes. Find shoes, like sandals, that can be used in a variety of settings.

Some key clothing essentials:

  • Casual weather appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes
  • Eveningwear and professional clothing
  • Underclothing
  • Socks, hose, or leggings
  • Appropriate headwear, gloves, and athletic wear
  • Protective sunglasses

Passport and Papers

Make sure you have an updated passport and appropriate paperwork. Some countries require that a passport has been valid for half a year. If you are not sure about the requirements, check out the government website. Carry your papers and passport with you at all times. Don’t leave them in your luggage in case your luggage is lost or stolen.


While most of us rely on credit cards, it is imperative that you have cash in the local currency available to you. Avoid scams and higher exchange rates by paying in the local dollars. Be wary of seeming too “free” with your cash. You may want to use the hotel safe or security box during your stay and only carry as much cash on you as you need for that day. Avoid extra fees for using the ATM by planning ahead.


Use your smartphone as the ideal mini-computer. Upload map apps and Google Translate, or other helpful translation apps. Call your phone company before you leave and check your plan. Make sure that your phone will work while you travel. Also, ask about extra fees when talking while in flight over international airspace. Don’t forget your camera or laptop. Comfortable earbuds will allow you to enjoy entertainment and music without bothering other passengers. Always pack an extra adapter and USB cable. Many airports have charging stations for your electronics.


What else should you pack for your travels? Don’t forget packing a comfortable travel pillow, a carry-on with essentials and toiletries. Avoid anything high-end or against regulations that might be confiscated by customs. Each country has its own individual rules. Remember that your luggage may be delayed. If so, packing an extra outfit with underwear may be a lifesaver. If you need any help with luggage visit handytravelmates.com

With a little preplanning, you will have everything that you need on your international travels. Enjoy exploring the globe without any worries.


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