5 Simple Strategies for Teaching Math to Kids

5 Simple Strategies for Teaching Math to Kids

Today, the need for kids to learn math is more important than ever. You don’t have to wait for your child to be ready for school before you start to teach them about numbers and mathematics. Start them early so that by the time they are ready for school, it ends up being fun, too!

Invest in math teaching toys

The abacus has been around since ancient times. Consider purchasing an abacus that is specially designed for kids. Colorful beads that are just the right size for small hands are tactile and fun to play with, even for toddlers. Count the beads of certain colors with your child and create fun math games together.

Introduce Counting Into Everyday Chores

Counting and math can seem effortless when you turn it into a game. On the way to the store, you and your child can count a particular color or make of car. Once you are home, you can count the items that you put away or those that are needed to prepare meals. When cleaning up their room or play areas, count the number of toys, shoes, or other items while tidying up. When setting the table, let them count the plates, silverware, glasses, and items needed to serve the meal.

Online Math Games

It seems that kids take to electronic devices at earlier and earlier ages. There are scores of online websites that offer math bingo and other games designed for kids. ABCya.com offers a number of math games for kids at several grade levels from preschool to fifth grade. Your child can play bingo games and learn concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions as their skills increase over time. Older kids can go to sites such as Khan Academy which can teach kids from Kindergarten through 8th grade and even into adulthood about math concepts such as algebra, calculus, and trigonometry. The site has been so successful over the past decade that many educators recommend it for students of every grade level. Another great site for virtual math activities is Math Curious. They have many different online and offline games and activities to learn math while having fun.

A Good Old Fashioned Piggy Bank

One of the most important math concepts that kids can learn early on is math which involves money. Kids can count the different types of coins and learn the value of each easily. If your child is old enough to do chores around the house, give them an allowance. When going to the store, let them pay for their items themselves. The act of giving money for items that they can afford to purchase and getting change back can go a long way to teaching them how money works.

Let Your Kids Watch Educational TV

Children’s television isn’t just about cartoons anymore. Shows like Sesame Street, for example, stand the test of time because they make math concepts and other educational topics fun and memorable. For more than 50 years, the show has given kids a firm foundation to build on by the time they are ready for school.

Try these tips with your child and give them a head start with their math!


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