How To Design And Optimize Playable Ads: 4 Pro Tips to Consider!

How To Design And Optimize Playable Ads: 4 Pro Tips to Consider!

Since its birth in 1950 as a technological oddity in the sci-fi fair, gaming has now blossomed into the most popular and profitable entertainment industry. Previously, it was the static banners that used to attract users, then came the era of rewarded videos, and now is the time of playable ads.

But, what is a playable ad and what benefits do they bring to other apps?

Playable ads allow users to create a defensive tower and are one of the most popular formats for creating ads. In simpler terms,  playable ads are the ads that offer users the interactive snippet of what is in the game.  You will see a call to action button at the end of the game, which is completely opt-in and is usually about one-minute long.

How Do Playable Ads Work?

Apart from showing what’s in the game, playable advert also offers various opportunities for enhancing user experience and engagement. They comprised of three components: tutorials, gameplay and end card.

  • The Tutorial: It introduces the player to the micro-game and is usually short in length. When offering tutorial, make sure it is interactive and have an intuitive design, which doesn’t require many tabs.
  • Gameplay: The gameplay of playable ads should be a quick and simple version of the real game. It gives users the glimpse of what they are going to get in the real game. Above all, the 10 or 20 seconds game will decide whether or not the user will install the app. For instance, in the game users can play the beginning level, however, in the camera app, users can snap any picture and adorn it with a funky filter.
  • The End Card: In the end card, the playable advert will display the call to action button to let users install the app or to tell them other steps to perform the app. For instance, if it’s a button of ‘install app’, the users will be redirected to the app store.

While the playable ads are completely entertaining and are packed nicely into a mini-game, creating them need a lot of research, storyboards, prototyping and script writing. If you want to create a playable ad, here are some tips for you:

Don’t Go Overboard:

If you are creating a game for the mobile platform make sure that your playable advert should not look exactly like the real game. Instead, it should be the simplified version of ads and should be stripped down.

Consider Your Metrics:

Playable ads can be the first format, which offers developers the chance to reconsider the flaws and lags in the gameplay. For instance, if the users are taking more than normal time to engage in the game, it might be because of unclear instructions or complicated call-to-action. So, before making the real game, do consider the metrics and improve both your ads and game.

Show Your Best Features:

In every app, there’s something special, be it its features, gameplay, animation, characters or other elements. So, make sure to include them in your microgame. Pullout the special features from different levels and put them in the mini-game. Make your first impression count.

Level Of Difficulty:

Creating various levels of the game is an art. If your micro ad is very difficult, players will get bored and frustrated and will move on. However, if it’s too easy and is not challenging the user experience, players will feel like installing it is worth the time. So, find that perfect level and make the app interactive. Keep on guiding users and let them feel like they are finding something on their own.

So, now that you have discovered everything about the playable ad create them and increase your chance of having new and valuable users.


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