Tips and Tricks for Easy Kitchen Worktop Cleaning

Tips and Tricks for Easy Kitchen Worktop Cleaning

The kitchen is an important part of the house. It demands gentle care and daily maintenance. The worktop of the kitchen is the main area of operation, so it may demand more attention. Maintaining the cleanness of the kitchen worktop may require you to wipe it daily with a damp cloth. Here are more tips to help you maintain your kitchen worktop depending on its type:

Cleaning the Kitchen Worktops on Regular Basis

You may need a soft cloth and the dish soap. Ensure that you clean up the kitchen worktop after every time of use to help prevent the spills from settling in. You should never allow the spill to settle on the worktop too long. Also, ensure that you disinfect the surface regularly to prevent the spread of germs. Make use of relevant, effective and safe disinfectants. Check out for new kitchen cleaning and renovation ideas.

Cleaning the Granite Worktops

This type of worktops has numerous advantages. They do not wear out easily, match various kitchen styles, and are generally versatile. To clean the surface you require the dish soap, warm water, and a clean microfiber cloth. You should reduce the exposure of this type of kitchen worktops to acidic components such as vinegar and lemon since they gradually dissolve the coating. If the stains are stubborn you may use a mixture of water and 91% isopropyl alcohol in the ratio of 50:50. You may consider sealing the worktop to promote durability.

Cleaning the Wooden Worktops

This type of worktop is actually multifunctional. It fits contemporary looks and matches with the country-style kitchen too. It is very durable and could last longer if well sealed. You can clean the worktop using a mixture of lemon and salt, petroleum jelly or mayonnaise. You may apply Linseed, Tung or Danish oil to act as the sealer and/or preserver.

Cleaning the Marble Kitchen Worktops

This type of worktops are more rampant to acidic corrosion that causes dull spots known as etches. You can easily clean up the dull spots using a basic solution. It is advisable that you keep it well-sealed in order to reduce the effect of corrosion.

Cleaning the Quartz Worktops

This type of worktops are much trending since they are non-porous. This aspect enables it to prevent etching, cracks, and chips. They are easier to clean up. You may require just some water and a little soap. You should ensure that you keep them sealed to avoid irrelevant corrosion.

Cleaning Laminate Worktops

This type of worktops are best at imitating other costly types of kitchen worktops. They are very affordable and easy to manage. However, they are not usually durable. You may need just a simple soapy solution to clean it up.

Cleaning the Stainless Steel Kitchen Worktops

They are a bit costly and common in industrial kitchens and bars. They require regular cleaning with the use of soap and water. If the stains are more intense, you may use a microfiber and baking soda to clean up.

Cleaning Soapstone Kitchen Worktops

They are the easiest to manage and are very much resistant to stains and heat. They require regular cleaning using soap and water. In the case for complex stains, you may use olive oil, a sponge, warm water and sandpaper to scratch them off.


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