How To Move Across The Country On A Budget

How To Move Across The Country On A Budget

Cross-country moving is an enormous step for anybody to take. It can be a costly, nerve-wracking experience that needs careful planning and forethought. A mere thought about endless lists of things to do, mountains of boxes and useless junk that needs to go somewhere, and the countless decisions involved, can make your head spin.

Let’s look at a “cross-country moving-on-a-budget” survival guide in an informative article that can save you a lot of stress and, money, as you prepare for a fresh start far away from your current home.

Clutter, Clutter, Off You Go!

Let’s get straight to the point. The weight of your belongings and the space they take up, are the first and most prominent factor in determining moving costs. Put simply, the more you dispose of before your trip, the less stuff you need to worry about packing and transporting. And the more you save as a result.

If you don’t have the heart to throw out that ugly old vase aunt Pollie gave you at your wedding, let the item bring joy to somebody else’s life. Host a garage sale or donate to the Salvation Army, you never know how many people might feel lucky to have what you no longer need or want. Clear your wardrobe of stuff you don’t intend to wear again and do an inventory of the things you keep “just in case”.

Give away, donate or recycle everything you haven’t used in the last couple of years. You can find great tips on doing so at Let’s be honest, if you forgot something even existed, you hardly need it to follow you across the continent.

Be The “Early Bird” On Moving Quotes

How To Move Across The Country On A Budget map The best thing about moving quotes is that they are free, no strings attached. So, the earlier you take advantage, the better your chances of snatching a superb bargain. After you get a bunch of quotes, check each potential mover’s rating and customer reviews on popular trustworthy sites. This will help you filter out some candidates and make your final choice easier.

Don’t be tempted to skip this step. Providing the basics of your individual moving plans can take as little as a few minutes but it is guaranteed to give you a fairly accurate estimate of what you will need to spend on the move. This, in turn, is crucial for proper planning and results in reduced levels of stress as you feel reassured that the financial side of the matter is properly taken care of.

Competition Means a Better Bargain

It is always a good idea to know the movers you are considering that their competition offered you a cheaper quote. If they can match that quote or better yet, beat it, you might not have to make a compromise between the service you wanted to purchase and purchasing it at a good price.

Do not underestimate the use of competition as a tool for moving quote bargains. It will surprise you how many cross-country moving companies will show readiness to provide a counteroffer. This is a good chance for you to grab a better price and a business opportunity for the mover. Don’t miss it!

Choose A Good Time To Move

This might not be immediately clear but it does matter when you choose to do the actual move. (More on that here.) If you decide on a period between early winter and the beginning of spring, you will land a much better price than during the rest of the year. Tried and tested.

If you are not a parent who is concerned about their kids changing schools amidst the school year, your flexibility will be a great advantage when negotiating the price. As summer is the busiest time for moving companies, looking for this kind of services outside of high season means your mover will be less stressed and with higher availability on your dates.

Interview Them Before You Choose

How To Move Across The Country On A Budget boxes

Interviewing your prospective mover is not only advisory, but it is also a must. You should ask all the right questions to avoid hidden fees that might skyrocket your moving expenses. Inquire if the quote covers all listed services and whether all your belongings will travel together in one truck.

Vital questions you might not immediately think of are if your valuable items will be insured and whether the insurance fee is included. You will be surprised how many companies do not mention insurance options or clarify terms in cases of property damage and claims. Loss and damage coverage are often not on the agenda at all unless the client explicitly requests it.

Don’t Forget Additional Expenses

After you have calculated how much you will need to pay the moving company, sit down and plan on travel, hotel and food expenses for you and your family. Decide on the best means of transport in your individual case. Are you going by bus, train, car, or flying? Will there be hotel stops and what are the best places for that? Plan on where you will get food, especially if you have to cook for a baby or a small child. There is a great list at Aspects to consider will vary from household to household. What are yours?

Moving house is never easy or pleasant. It is, however, a very important step that needs careful planning and consideration in order to make it as painless as possible. Especially in the cases of crossing a long distance to the new destination, since that’s when you need to do your best in preparation, to stand a better chance of smooth execution.


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