3 Brilliant Housing Solutions to Make Your Parents’ Retirement Enjoyable

3 Brilliant Housing Solutions to Make Your Parents’ Retirement Enjoyable

Like all parents, your parents most likely made many sacrifices simply to make your future safe and comfortable. But you shouldn’t feel guilty about it, it’s natural for parents to act in this way. But for many, the retirement years can be difficult, especially after a whole life of hard work and sacrifices. Maybe you feel that now the time is approaching to make up for all those sacrifices your parents made, perhaps they offered you a great education or maybe they even helped you buy your own home. And while many of us think of this in financial terms, you should also know that many parents appreciate a desirable housing solution in their elder years. Although you might think we will discuss retirement homes in this article, we’re here to offer you some better alternative solutions to help them have a quiet and safe retirement. Keep reading below to find out more.

3 Brilliant Housing Solutions to Make Your Parents’ Retirement Enjoyable

#1. A brick-built cottage in your own garden

We simply can’t think of a better senior housing option than a cottage in the garden. With all the necessary things for a comfortable living included in these constructions, these home additions have become incredibly popular lately. Offering an independent living solution to elders, these projects have all the key-features to boost their comfort and safety, from built-in kitchens to bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. To these features, add the advantage of living in closely-knit relationships with all members of the family, giving you the recipe for a happy retirement.

These housing solutions offer the best living situation for those past their youth. While parents and grandparents can live very comfortably in an annex in your own garden, your family will also enjoy the perks of having the home looked after by a trustworthy and reliable adult, having their children babysit by grandparents and all the extra support that comes from a close-knit living situation.

3 Brilliant Housing Solutions to Make Your Parents’ Retirement Enjoyable

Brick built granny annexe constructions can support the older generation’s desire of remaining somewhat independent, whilst it is also true that assisted living housing costs are increasing steadily. These home additions have significantly lower construction costs than your usual extension and, besides, they can add up to 10% to your overall property value. As long as your elders don’t need constant medical supervision, they can comfortably stay in such buildings.  The key features that make these buildings so great are associated with the way in which they are built.

  • They come with fully-equipped kitchen units. As long as you collaborate with a reliable contractor, you should never worry about the kitchenette in your parents’ annex and its features. These contractors offer products that are specifically targeted at elders and they pay increased attention to safety and comfort when it comes to kitchen areas.
  • By paying attention in particular to foundations and drainage, these builders guarantee for a lasting and sturdy construction that will survive the test of time. Top-range vendors make sure that their sewage and drainage systems are professionally connected and designed.
  • Fully-equipped with last-gen heating systems, you will never have to worry that your parents or grandparents spend their time in improper living conditions.
  • Roof windows and skylights are other features that make this type of annex so popular among elders and their families.
  • The bathrooms in these annexes vary from simple walk-in shower (the safest option) bathrooms to complex ones, including wet rooms.
  • State-of-the-art electricity connections and power points are skilfully installed and by qualified electricians and come to accommodate all the needs an elder might have. Each room is equipped with at least two electrical power points.
  • Long-wear engineered flooring solutions make these annexes’ sturdy and timeless. Clients that want to personalize their living space can always choose out of a beautiful selection of flooring solutions, including laminate or solid wood floors.

The list of incredible features that these housing solutions have may still go on; and some may even choose to get a Access BDD stair lift, but undoubtedly, these are some of the most comfortable and safest living solutions for your parents and grandparents as they start needing some extra care and attention in later life.

3 Brilliant Housing Solutions to Make Your Parents’ Retirement Enjoyable

Senior Shared Housing

Another better alternative to retirement homes is senior shared housing. While you may not have considered this suggestion as a suitable one for the elderly in your life, resembling the housing situation of very young people, you may want to reconsider. This is most suitable for those elders that no longer have a life companion to share a house and their time with.

A housemate of a similar age with your parents will most likely help them feel less alone and more secure while at home. The concept is a relatively simple one. It’s all about sharing a house with somebody else of a similar age, sharing the expenses associated and being able to socialize. People in similar housing situations can spend their time together cooking, grocery shopping, socializing and more. In the end, it’s all about spending the time in someone’s company and looking after each other.

3 Brilliant Housing Solutions to Make Your Parents’ Retirement Enjoyable

Senior Cohousing

This is a community-based cohousing solution for elders. These communities are usually built around certain places that offer the necessary context for the elderly to get together and facilitate their living situation through nearby shops and restaurants. This is a particularly expensive elder housing solutions and it may not be possible financially for everybody.

However, those who can afford it will be able to rely on other community members when in need. This is a solution used to encourage social engagement and support but it may lack the warmth and love of a family. While these solutions may provide the social context of more engagement, the real issue behind these may be the fact that many of them will be unable due to various health conditions to help others.

When weighing in the pros and cons of each of the elder housing alternatives above, make sure that you consider your parents’ (or grandparents’) health needs and the fact that they will most likely feel more comfortable when living closer to their children and grandchildren. Plus, in a similar context, every family member will enjoy some perks and advantages of a multi-generational living solution.


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