Travel Must-haves When Visiting a Tropical Country

Travel Must-haves When Visiting a Tropical Country

With your tickets booked, your PTO approved and your exotic adventure to a tropical country just around the corner, you’re almost ready to trade in your daily commute for a relaxing boat ride. Before you turn your phone on do not disturb and switch your brain to vacation mode, you still have a suitcase to pack.

It’s tempting to want to bring along all the comforts of home but don’t forget – you’re going to want some room in your suitcase for souvenirs too.

So what do you really need when you’re heading towards white-sand beaches and palm trees?

We’ve made a list of the top ten travel must-haves for your tropical vacation abroad. From protective gear to the completely practical, these are your essentials:

  1. Sunblock
    UV protection when you’re heading outside and on the water is one of the most important things you can bring with you while traveling. You don’t want to come back home bright red and blistering. Pack a heavy-duty waterproof SPF and make sure you apply it often. Remember, if you’re only bringing a carry on, you’ll need to limit your sunscreen to 3 oz or less (and no aerosol cans!).

  2. Floating Sunglasses
    Jump right into the bright blue ocean without worrying about your favorite (and expensive) pair of sunglasses sinking to the bottom of the sea. Instead, pack a pair of durable, polarized shades that protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. For a wide selection of floating options, check out Rheos Gear. Don’t worry about them falling overboard and underwater – these polarized sunnies are made for adventure.

  3. A Wide-brimmed Hat
    Not just for style and fun-in-the-sun selfies, a hat will help you stay cool while protecting you against the dangers of UV. Add this to your carry on with your sunglasses and sunblock and you’ll be more than prepared to explore new trails without worry of irreversible damage.

  4. Lightweight Jacket
    While you’re dreaming of sunny and bright blue skies a jacket is probably the last thing on your mind. But out in tropical paradise, you’re still likely to run into some rain. Grab a slim, waterproof jacket that you can bring with you for stormy weather, chilly nights and for that always-cold airplane ride.

  5. Swimsuits. And more swimsuits.
    Squeezing into a damp, cold and clingy swimsuit isn’t a great feeling when you’re just trying to hang out by the beach or relax by your resort’s pool. Because it’s humid out in the Caribbean, it’s harder to dry a swimsuit. So pack an extra. And then an extra for your extra.

  6. Dry Bags
    While your sunglasses may be able to handle the water, your phone and other valuables probably can’t. Pack a waterproof bag to keep your belongings protected from damaging salt water. And when you’re headed back home, throw your wet gear in your bag to keep things from ruining your luggage.

  7. Power Adaptor
    Going to a different country means exploring a new world and getting taste for something different. But one of the last things you’ll want to discover while abroad is that you can’t plug in your phone or camera. Make sure to pack a universal power adaptor so no matter the electrical outlet that’s available, you won’t need to worry about dead batteries. Do your research before you leave to see what type of adaptor you may or may not need.

  8. Battery Pack
    Speaking of your phone and other electronics, don’t forget to pack a slim and portable battery pack. This way, you won’t have to worry about finding directions, taking pictures or just listening to your favorite beach-themed playlist while running around.

  9. First Aid Kit
    The great big sea is beautiful, but it also contains bacteria that you won’t want infecting cuts or scrapes. Make sure your kit includes antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes and waterproof bandages. We also recommend tossing in some extra vitamin C and multivitamins since new places means being exposed to new allergens too.

  10. Extra Passport Photos
    Every world-wide traveler needs to make copies of their most important documents and store them in multiple places. Make sure you scan a digital copy of your ID and passport before you go in case of any emergencies.

With your bag packed, it’s time to put a drink in your hand, feel the sun on your skin and listen to the ocean waves in the distance. Have fun!


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