Home Comforts – Tips To Improve Your Home Security

Home Comforts - Tips To Improve Your Home Security

Home security is something that should be high on our lists of priorities. Our families are our legacy, and their safety is something that cannot be overlooked or something that we ‘will get around to’. There are also our valuables, passed down by generation or earned after hard work and perseverance. Start ensuring your future by ensuring your present and following these tips to tighten your home security.

Install cameras

Nothing will put off a burglar quite like CCTV cameras. It is too much of a risk and it provides damning evidence for those who wish harm against your property and family. Deciding on a modern CCTV Installation in Melbourne will give you instant peace of mind, and is the smartest action you can take to protect your asset. Modern CCTV cameras are not what they used to be, now they are HD and vandal and tamper-proof as well as being weather resistant. They also store up to one month of footage that can see up to 30 metres in darkness with night vision.

Make it mobile friendly

How is it that when we are on holidays or away from home, it is home that is all we can think of. Did I lock the doors? Do people know we are away? What will I be coming home to? Advanced home security systems will remedy those feeling of anxiety when you are away, and will notify you on your smart device if anything is happening at your home that shouldn’t be. Through motion sensors you can be anywhere in the world and know if there are any disturbances and you will even have access to a feed that will show you your physical property.

Code entry and access

Locks have their place, but they are no longer quite cutting it. Installing code entry and access is a new wave of security, and one that can be installed in no time at all. Give your family members and close ties the code to enter, but keep this code private to ensure your security. In addition to code access, you can also install cameras to support that will monitor visitors who are at your door. Many homes use this feature on gates allowing cars into the property, but you can also add it to your home access and any other side or back entrances.

Make it a joint responsibility

The burden of home security shouldn’t sit on any one person’s shoulders. The responsibility should be shared among your entire family so that everyone knows what measures are in place and what to escalate and when. Make family home security a regular dining room discussion complete with a site tour of what systems are in place and what they mean for each of you. You can also tell your trusted neighbours and nearby family about your security measures so they know what to do if something is triggered.

Let your insurer know

What you may not know, is that your home security solutions can impact your insurance premiums. Your insurers want to know that you are making every effort to protect your property and contents, and they are willing to reward such behaviour if they meet their requirements. Before you install your new systems call your insurance providers and have a frank discussion about what this means for your existing policy.

There is no shame in being a novice at home security. Unfortunately the crime rates continue to grow in this country, so we must all make it a priority to educate ourselves on what solutions are available and how we can integrate them in your home.


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