4 ways to brighten up dark, soulless rooms

4 ways to brighten up dark, soulless rooms

Whether it’s bringing some vitamin D into your life, or just making a room look a little bigger than it really is, few would disagree that natural light is the best friend of the typical homeowner.

It’s something which can make any room come to life and those which don’t have it, are left with soulless spaces that really need extra TLC.

This is what today’s post is all about. Whether you are attempting to spruce up your basement, or any other room which isn’t blessed with huge amounts of natural light, read on to see how you can transform the atmosphere within it.

You need more than your ceiling light

First and foremost, a ceiling light just isn’t sufficient in these cases. Sure, it’s absolutely essential, and you were to hone in on one piece of advice in relation to this it would be to choose the biggest you can possibly find. If it’s a chandelier, so be it; this will at least bring a sparkle to a room and perhaps trick the mind into thinking it’s not quite as dull as it really is.

However, you can go further. For example, floor lamps like this can work an absolute treat, particularly if you place them in corners of the room which get plenty of usages. In other words, don’t position them in an area of the room which doesn’t get used; put them somewhere which gets a lot of football and deserves that added light.

Add a shine to your ceiling

It might not be something you would try with the so-called standard room, but don’t be afraid of adding a touch of gloss to your ceiling. This might completely throw out consistency in relation to other rooms in your house, but it can at least be a surface that reflects light. Ultimately, any light that does find its way into your room will bounce off this, and the effect will multiply.

Make mirrors work for you

On the subject of mirrors, let’s give a special mention to mirrors. Once again, these can work a charm in a dull room, as they allow any light in there to be reflected around it. Ideally, you need to be placing your mirror opposite any light source. In other words, even if you have a tiny window, try and position a mirror opposite it, as this can allow light to reflect further around the room and multiply its effect.

Simplistic isn’t an option

Minimalism might have been on-trend for a good few years now, but unfortunately, this isn’t really an option when it comes to a dull room.

In short, this form of deco can just make the typical dull room become even duller. You need to go as far as your imagination will allow with your deco; turning to anything that can take the eye’s attention away from the lack of light. Architectural features are one of the easiest ways to achieve this, while some people might also opt for false ceilings to help them along their way.


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