Top 4 Ways Camping Promotes Wellness

Top 4 Ways Camping Promotes Wellness

There are many reasons why people choose camping as their primary form of recreation. For one, it gives you a chance to breathe in some fresh air and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For another, there’s the inexplicable charm of being physically close to nature with just your camping gear for companion.

What many fail to realize is that camping has the added benefit of promoting wellness, enabling one to live a lot longer. This should be a welcome surprise for most Aussies, especially after the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare recently published a web report that states more than a quarter of the population is considered obese. Unfortunately, this statistic includes children as young as two years old. Excess weight has always been linked to several serious illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and some forms of cancer.

Camping as a fun way to prevent obesity

Though experts highly recommend healthy diet and exercise to prevent obesity among Aussies, it is still easier said than done. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 adults don’t consume enough fruits and vegetables in their diet. In addition, a staggering 80% of the children population (aged  5 to 17) and more than 53% of adults (aged 18 to 64) are found to be insufficiently inactive or had not met the recommended physical activity hours.

So, how exactly does camping help your family concur with this nationwide problem? Here are some facts that would make you take out your camping tent and head to the great outdoors:

     1. It increases the possibility of outdoor playtime

One thing that most new campers are afraid of is the very possibility that spending a few nights in the wild would end up boring them to death. After all, camping would force you to disconnect yourself from modern technology (i.e. mobile devices and the internet). Parents, in particular, are more than wary in bringing their little kids to camping trips, since they do tend to be rambunctious when they are not presented with something interesting.

Fortunately, camping offers a lot of fun and exciting activities to keep your kids moving. For example, if your camping ground is near a body of water, you can easily entice your children to swim or join you for a nice bout of fishing. You can also try bringing some camping accessories like a portable soccer training target net and challenge your little ones for a couple of rounds. It’s a great way to bond with your family while collectively shedding a few pounds at the same time.

Top 4 Ways Camping Promotes Wellness

     2. It encourages you to eat healthy

While roasting marshmallows is what most campers look forward to, it isn’t too bad to add some fruits and veggies in your menu. After all, camping literally limits your food and cooking options. You’ll probably have something that would be easy to either boil, grill, roast, or eat raw.

Fruits, nuts, and granola bars are basically staples when camping. Aside from eating nutritious food, camping also encourages you to drink plenty of water (as opposed to drinking the usual soda or artificial juice). If you are worried about the freshness of your food, you can always bring a generator-powered fridge to solve your problems. It’ll be a nice break for your digestive system which has been used to fast food or takeout meals.

     3. It can improve the overall quality of your sleep

Maybe it’s because campgrounds are a lot quieter than the usual suburban scene. Or maybe it’s because camping forces you to live for a few days without any kind of electronics to distract you from having a good night’s sleep. Whatever the reason is, scientists all agree that camping can increase the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for establishing a good sleeping pattern.

So, while snoozing on a camping mattress for a few days seems highly uncomfortable compared to your own bed, it can work wonders in improving the quality of your sleep. Aside from allowing you to be well rested, a good sleep cycle can also help reduce the risk of obesity among adults and children.

  Top 4 Ways Camping Promotes Wellness

     4. It can decrease your stress and anxiety levels

Recent studies show that immersing yourself in the natural environment can significantly lower your stress levels and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. According to experts, the green environment offers a nice, restorative contrast to urban chaos and its effect of constant stimulation. Thus, a few days in the great outdoors is not only beneficial to your body, but it can also do wonders on your mental health. Since there’s a direct correlation between obesity and anxiety, camping is an inexpensive way to cure both.

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