A State of Mind: How to Prepare for Interstate Travel

A State of Mind: How to Prepare for Interstate Travel

It might be work that calls for you to move interstate, or perhaps it’s just a change of scenery. No matter the reason, travelling interstate and relocating to a new area is a very exciting time. But before you plan the housewarming, there is still quite a bit to do to ensure that your interstate move runs smoothly. Planning will be your best companion here, as there are lots of small and large tasks to be completed to get you and your things where they need to be.

Secure a mover

Well surely the first thing on the agenda is to secure reliable interstate removalists. Moving is hard at the best of times when it is within the same city. An interstate move is a beast of its own. It requires travel, logistics and coordination between you and your family or partner so you can minimise those damages and delays. Interstate removalist are the experts at this very task, and have trucks and vans relocating homes all over the country every day. Because it is such a large operation, you should have some flexibility in choosing the day of collection, arrival and delivery type.

Set up your accounts

What do we need to survive? Internet, power and electricity. Make sure you are prepared and have set these accounts up so that they are live the day before you move into your new home interstate. Unpacking and setting up your home in the dark will be a slow and dangerous task, and with no hot water to reward you at the end of it all? Too cruel, so don’t do it to yourself. You also want to cancel the accounts in the home you are leaving, unless you want to gift the new tenants complimentary gas, power and water.

Change of address

Easier said than done, yes? I’m afraid that is not quite true. You can go to your post office to get some change of address forms, and for a fee they will redirect your mail for a period of time. Pay close attention to when this period extends to, that will set the benchmark for how long you have to finalise your change of address. Don’t forget about those internet accounts you have for retail and other goods; eBay, ASOS, Kmart etc. these can be changed quickly but they are so pesky that you may forget and have your goods arrive to another address in another state.

Prepare your vehicles for the move

Have you thought yet about how you will relocate your vehicles interstate? It’s a question asked by many Australians each year, and fortunately there are many options. There is the option of driving your car interstate yourself, and it’s a great way to cart extra items than you don’t want to send through a removalist. If you do decide to drive there, make sure you recruit a buddy as it can be very dangerous on your own. You can also find plenty of companies that will transport your car by putting your car onto a truck and driving it there for you.

Moving interstate will widen your insights and experiences and is never a decision that you regret. Not being prepared for such an enormous life change and move? Well you will regret that. Set about sourcing a great interstate removalist to take on the brunt work, and then you can contend with the administrative chore that is setting up and closing accounts, and well as changing your address with Australia Post. then sell or pack your car, and hit the open road to your new home!


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