Time for a Change: 7 Signs it’s Time to Break Up With Your Career

Time for a Change: 7 Signs it's Time to Break Up With Your Career
Are you bored and feeling achy all over? Is your job causing you mental anxiety? This may be a sign its time for a change of career. Read this article!

The average person spends around 92,000 hours of their life at work. With so much time spent working, it’s important that we enjoy our jobs.

If you’ve been feeling uneasy or bored at work, it may be time to make a change. Not enjoying your work can affect many areas of your life and bring you down a lot.

If your job is making you miserable, or you’ve lost all your drive for it, it’s time to look elsewhere. Here are 7 signs that it’s time for a change and you need to be making a career change.

1. You Hate Getting Up For Work

If the very thought of getting up to go to work makes you want to crawl up and cry, maybe it’s time to leave.

Of course, we all have days where we want that extra time in bed. But if every day feels that way and doesn’t get better, think about why you’re still going.

This kind of stress can have detrimental effects on your physical and mental health. You don’t want these issues to get worse and cause lasting damage. It could be time to move on.

2. You’re Always Bored

Our jobs aren’t always super interesting, but there was something that drew you to it once. If you don’t enjoy any of it at all, it’s a sign you’ve outgrown it.

It’s time to make a career change when you no longer have interest in anything at work. Sure, you might need the money, but you can start to find another job you actually like.

When you find a job you love, you’ll feel your whole mood improve so much. Then you’ll wonder why on earth you stuck it out at this job for so long!

3. You Aren’t Confident

When you don’t enjoy your work, it can become easy to start thinking you’re bad at it. You see people at work who get so much done and get a lot of praise. If you aren’t getting that, you must be bad, right?

Wrong. When you don’t enjoy your job it doesn’t mean you’re bad at it. It means it isn’t the right job for you. It can hit your self-confidence hard but remember that there’s something else out there for you.

When you break free and find a new job that you love, your confidence will return in leaps and bounds.

4. You Want Something Fulfilling

When you’re bored at work, you end up feeling unfulfilled in life. We want to work towards something we believe in and enjoy.

Take some time and research jobs which would make you happy. If you want to help people, consider a medical career. You don’t have to be a doctor or surgeon to make a difference. There are a lot of medical tech roles which are so important and you can learn more about here.

Make a list of the jobs which would make you feel fulfilled and start applying. You could find your dream job in no time.

5. Your Work Isn’t Valued

When you work hard at a job you hate but get no recognition, it’s demotivating. How can you expect to enjoy your work when nobody seems to appreciate what you do?

If your boss doesn’t give you any professional recognition or praise, it may be time to break up with this job. Your hard work is valuable and it deserves value.

Find yourself a job which will understand the level of work you do and rewards you for it. Positive reinforcements help both the employee and the business in the long run. There are plenty which will give them to you, so work with one of them instead.

6. The Passion is Gone

Think about what first drew you to this industry. Was it the workplace culture? Was it the career progression? Was it the great benefits?

If these things don’t excite you any more, then why stay? Your passions have changed and now this isn’t the right role for you, and that’s okay.

Think about how your passions have changed and what they are now. Then you can start to find jobs which align with what you want to be doing instead.

7. People Are Worrying About You

When you find yourself in a constant state of unhappiness about your job, it doesn’t only affect you. Your loved ones will notice the change in you and they will worry.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to leave your work worries out of your personal life. Bad energy does follow you home and it can impact your relationships. If people are worried about you, it’s time to think about finding another job.

Your health and personal relationships are important too. No career is worth putting them in jeopardy, so start looking for somewhere that’ll make you happy.

It’s Time to Make a Change and Move On

If any of these points resonate with you, now is the time for a change. When you break up with your career and start a new one, you’ll get a whole new outlook on life.

When we spend so much time working, we need to enjoy the work we do. Find a job that makes you feel passionate about working. Find a job which fulfils you. When you find somewhere that makes you happy and proud to work at, you’ll become a new person.

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