Non-Greasy Sunscreen for Men

Non-Greasy Sunscreen for Men

Selecting the perfect sunscreen is a different process for everyone, but we can all agree on one aspect that is crucial to the perfect sunblock: a non-greasy feel after applying it.  The best sunscreens absorb into our skin and feel as if we don’t have it on at all.  Greasy sunscreens tend to feel heavy and it seems like our skin sticks to just about everything—something you most definitely do not want at a beach on a windy day!

The amount of sweat we produce is vastly different between men and women, yet another factor to be considered when choosing your sunscreen.  Yes, the sunscreen product may advertise a non-greasy sunscreen formula, but does it last through sweat and water exposure while still retaining a non-greasy feel and its effectiveness? 

With another generation of sunscreen products debuting on the market once again, our testing and research found that Jacket Sunscreen was a step beyond the rest.  Jacket Sunscreen does have a non-greasy formula, but it also acts as a skin-repairing lotion on top of its ability to block UV radiation.

We felt like Jacket Sunscreen was made for men who sweat excessively and prefer a sunscreen that soaks into their skin without it feeling heavy or even noticeable.  This sunscreen was comparably superior to other sunscreens on the market these days because it managed to be just as effective through sweat, water, and extreme heat. 

Jacket was in fact, created for men who sweat through high-intensity sports, and so a non-greasy formula was essential in creating this sunscreen for optimal athletic performance.  Jacket strived to develop a sunscreen for specifically for men because as men exercise or engage in high-adrenaline activities, their bodies generate heat.  When you’re deeply involved in outdoor sports, you just don’t have the time to worry if your sunscreen is working the way it should be.

The average sunscreen product will not absorb fully into the skin, leaving a greasy feeling, or will soon wear off leaving skin unprotected, which is especially troubling during aquatic sports.  Being in the water or having excessive sweat beneath a hot sun will produce water molecules, which can intensify the sun’s UV radiation.  You want a sunscreen you can trust, and with Jacket, you don’t have to concern yourself with constant reapplication in fear of getting burned or sun-damaged.

Jacket’s formula puts it in the lead ahead of other sunscreen products because of its ability to repair skin that is dry or damaged from sun exposure.  We like this sunscreen because it was built upon the use of natural ingredients that have hydrating, repairing, and nourishing properties, like green tea extract, vitamin E, pomegranate and cucumber extract, and aloe vera. Interesting facts you should know about Vitamin C in your skincare! Click Here!

If there are two factors you should consider in your sunscreen, it should be a non-greasy formula and waterproof capabilities.  This will ensure that the product will stay on through water and sweat and feel lightweight and breathable.  Jacket manages to do both and more, doubling as a skincare and UV blocking product—a staple for your summer needs.


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