How To Take Care Of Your Engagement And Wedding Rings

How To Take Care Of Your Engagement And Wedding Rings

Your engagement and wedding rings are important pieces of jewelry and should be cared for properly. If you are unused to caring for rings, there are certain steps that you need to take.  There are also some things that you should avoid when you are caring for your rings.

Get Insurance

Many women do not realize that getting insurance is a vital step in caring for their engagement and wedding rings. Insurance will cover your rings should they be damaged, lost or stolen. You should look at getting insurance as soon as you can, but you should not forget about this afterward.

It is recommended that you get your rings appraised every 5 years to ensure that you are properly covered. The cost of the metal and precious stones will increase over the years and you will not be able to cover the costs of replacement if you do not have them appraised. When getting insurance, you should look at separate insurance from your home content because you are going to be wearing the rings outside.

Do Not Remove Your Rings In Public

When you are in public, there are times when you will be tempted to remove your ring. The most common time will be when you are washing your hands. At these times, you will not want to get your rings wet and covered in soap which increases the temptation to take them off.

This is something that you should actually avoid. There is a very high chance that you could accidentally leave the ring on the basin or ledge when you leave. There is also a chance that the ring will fall down the drain and you will want to avoid this. The effort of cleaning the ring when you get home will be better than the chance of losing the ring by removing it.

Do Not Touch The Stones

The best way to take care of the precious stones in your rings will be to not touch them. This is particularly important if you have a larger center stone. The reason for this is that diamonds and other precious stones are magnets for body oil, dirt, and dust. When you touch the stone, you will leave body oil behind and this will cause dust and dirt to stick to the stone.

To avoid touching the stones, you should hold onto the sides of the rings when you take them off or put them on. Never grab the stones or the stone fitting as this will cause damage over time. If you find that your stones are looking cloudy or hazy, there is a chance that something has become stuck underneath it.

Clean Your Rings

A lot of people forget about cleaning their rings until it is too late. However, this does not mean that you should be scrubbing your rings with a random cleaner. This will actually cause more damage than it prevents and should be avoided at all costs. Harsh household chemicals like bleach will dull the finish on the ring and harm the precious stones if they are porous like emeralds. 

Many experts recommend taking your rings to a jeweler to get cleaned as this ensures that it is done correctly. You do not always have to do this as there are some jewelry cleaners that you can use at home. Of course, if you are unsure about the cleaner, you should take the ring to a jeweler or get their opinion on the cleaning product that you want to use.

Do Not Put Your Rings Through Needless Wear

Diamonds are the hardest natural material in the world, but that does not mean that they cannot be damaged. Cut and polished diamonds can be chipped when they are not cared for correctly.  This is why you should avoid putting your engagement and wedding rings through any needless wear and tear. 

You should ensure that you are not knocking the ring against any hard surfaces. A hard knock to the table or wall could cause the diamond to chip. If you have other precious stones which are not as hard as diamonds, they will be more prone to damage and you need to consider this.

To ensure that your rings are not going through unnecessary wear, you should remove them during physical activities. These activities increase the risks of hitting the rings against hard surfaces. Additionally, the sweat from these activities will cause damage to the ring metal and stones that could easily be avoided. 

Have Ring Dishes Around The House

Your home is the safest place to take your engagement and wedding rings off, but you should not leave them lying around. Ring dishes are a great way to keep your rings safe when you take them off at home. When using these dishes, you also ensure that your rings are in set places when they are taken off. 

Ring dishes are very important if you have pets or children because they place your ring out of reach. The only issue with this is that you should not get too used to taking your rings off. This can cause you to do so in public which can result in you losing your rings.

Go To The Jeweler

At the first sign of wear or any problems with the rings, you need to take a trip to the jeweler.  You should not wait to see what will happen or try to remedy the fault yourself. This will only make the problem worse and you could cause irreparable damage to the rings. 

The jeweler will be able to fix any damage to the setting or to the material of the ring. If there is a chip in one of the stones, they will be able to ensure that this does not cause further damage. (  

There are a number of steps that you should take to ensure that your engagement and wedding rings are properly cared for. These steps will include things that you need to do and things that you should avoid when caring for and wearing your rings.


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