Stay Cool, Stay Warm: The Ultimate Winter Fashion Guide

Stay Cool, Stay Warm: The Ultimate Winter Fashion Guide

Don’t consider winter the time to slack on your wardrobe. You can still look adorable while staying cozy. Here are the best winter wear trends of this year!

When winter comes, it’s time to change from your summer wardrobe to your winter wear.

No more short-shorts and cute tank tops. It’s time for layers and dressing for dropping temps.

But you don’t have to limit your style to sweats and hoodies to stay warm. It is possible to stay cozy in style!

We’ve done the research to keep you fuzzy yet fab this winter. Check out the best winter wear trends this year!

Leggings for Days

Let’s end the debate once and for all: leggings are pants.

Since we’ve made the declaration, go ahead and find your favorite leggings. Grab a pair for every day of the week.

This winter’s fashion helps bring leggings into the realm of fashionable fashion. You’ll see everything paired with leggings, from sweaters to coats to fleece pullovers.

Get creative with your leggings. Don’t settle for black and brown. Choose patterns. Find lined leggings to keep you extra warm.

Be bold. Wear your leggings proudly. They have arrived.

Get Down with a Down Vest

A puffy down vest is a staple wardrobe piece for winter outfits.

It’s versatile as a layer over an oversized sweater or a long tunic. And you can wear a vest under a jacket then set it off with your favorite winter leggings.

Choose a solid-color vest to match more of your wardrobe. Layer with confidence knowing your down vest is is completely on trend for winter.

You “Kneed” Over-the-Knee Boots

We can’t stress enough how much you need a pair of over-the-knee boots.

Not only will they keep most of your leg warm. These taller-than-tall boots take a pair of leggings and dress them up for a night out.

Go for a pair or two of neutral boots. Black, tan, or a deep brown pairs well with most of your wardrobe.

Wear them with a short skirt to dress up your winter look. Or turn heads after work when you take off your flats and put on your over-the-knee boots over that pair of jeggings you wore all day.

Faux Fur is Fab Fur

No animals were harmed in the making of this recommendation. Because faux fur is the way to go for that animal-chic look.

Faux Fur has come a long way in both fashion and function. It looks more like real fur than when it first debuted in the 1940s and 1950s.

The latest faux fur trend is both fun and warm.

Warm fuzzy coats in bold colors help offset black or gray outfits. Make a statement that feels great (both inside and outside of your coat) while staying warm.


Both classic and modern, gingham should still be a staple of your winter wardrobe.

Whether it’s a coat or a skirt, the offset square pattern of gingham is a pleasant look for winter.

There’s no need to stick with black gingham. Choose a color that cheers up your winter blues.

Pair a gingham dress with an oversized cardigan and cute boots for a cute evening look. Or rock your winter work wear with a pair of gingham cigarette pants and a trendy blazer.

Block it Out

Color block shirts were a thing of the ’90s. Chances are, most of the picture in your 1990s-era yearbooks were smiling faces and color block shirts.

With a distinct lack of creativity, alternating blocks of color came together into a shirt. Fortunately, that trend faded.

This winter, the idea of color block fashion is back but in a better way.

Choose a bold color shirt with a small block of another color to coordinate outfits for winter.

Cream-colored sweaters with a bright red or colorful pocket paired with jeans or leggings pull this look together. Match the pocket color with a scarf or pair of gloves to coordinate the entire ensemble.

Bigger is Better

Baggy sweaters are back. Yet there’s a sleekness to the latest trend in oversized sweaters and coats.

But don’t stop with “just” an oversized sweater. Go for bigger with a king-sized sweater.

These sweaters snuggle you from neck to knees. Add a long puffy coat to add to your warmth and style.

And you probably guessed it. Big sweaters are perfect to pair with leggings and your favorite booties.

A Dress For Warmth

Winter brings social celebrations, winter weddings, and holiday excuses to get glammed up.

But when it’s cold, no one wants to wear a dress–unless that dress is warm.

A long-sleeve maxi dress is just what you need for the cold-but-dressy occasion.

With a maxi dress, you can layer leggings underneath for warmth. Add a long wool coat and your favorite heels to complete the outfit with maximum warmth.

If your budget is tight, but you still need that perfect dress for your cousin’s wedding, consider renting it. You’ll often find more options and sizes while saving money on a dress you’ll only wear once.

Every Layer Matters

Layering doesn’t have to look frumpy. Plan your layered outfit for maximum style points this winter.

Choose each piece to coordinate together. From your combat boots to your leggings to your sweater, each item works to build your outfit. Top it off with a coordinating coat and hat.

As you get warm later in your day, removing a layer won’t ruin the effect. You’ll still be stylish after you hang your coat or take off the vest that keeps you warm outside but isn’t necessary inside.

Textures Tie it Together

Mixing and matching different fabric textures gives you more flexibility with your winter looks.

You no longer have to live in fear of clashing your wool pants with a velvet coat. It works!

The more different your fabrics, the more on-trend you’ll be in these cold months.

Be brave and wear your leather leggings and a chunky wool sweater. Get crazy with your velvet blazer over a thermal tunic.

You’ll be noticed for your daring fashion sense while staying warm in among your admirers.

Don’t Doubt Denim

Denim is potentially the best clothing fabric ever invented.

It constantly reinvents itself and never goes out of style.

Denim is appropriate to wear through any season year-round. It does well dressed up for business casual or an evening out, or worn to get comfy when you’re chilling at home.

We’re not talking only about your favorite pair of jeans. The denim jacket is alive and well. This season, the trend is baggier than in past seasons.

Grab a new denim jacket or dig out the one that’s been in your closet since high school. Either way, don’t deny your denim this winter.

We’re Sherpa About It

To be clear, we know that sherpas are a people group that migrated to Nepal from Eastern Tibet. You hear about sherpas helping climbers reach the top of Mt. Everest.

In terms of fashion, Sherpa is a fabric often found in the lining of a coat.

A good Sherpa-lined leather coat should be a staple of your winter wardrobe. Pop that Sherpa-lined collar for an extra hip factor when out and about.

Beanie There, Do it Again

You can’t go wrong with a good beanie. Fashionable and warm, a cute beanie accents your whole winter outfit from head to toe.

When you find a favorite style beanie, hang on to it. These trendy winter hats come back year after year.

Don’t Just Dream of a White Winter

They say not to wear white after Labor Day. But they’re wrong.

This winter, white is “wear” it’s at for fashion.

From white or cream coats to white boots or sweaters, don’t be afraid to add white to your winter wardrobe.

A pair of short white booties dresses up almost any outfit. White jeans or a white sweater are daring statement pieces in a sea of drab grays and blacks.

Put that old wives tale to bed and pair white booties with black leggings and a white faux fur coat for a night out.

Don’t Forget the Family

Your family needs to look good and stay warm, too. And puffer coats for the kids are the perfect outerwear for rough and tumble or church on Sundays.

Your kids can play outside in the snow and stay dry with a lightweight puffer coat. The material for most of these coats is flexible, warm, and water resistant.

Grab a puffer coat for yourself and rock the family puffer coat style while keeping up with the kids’ outdoor winter activities.

Need some fun snow day ideas? Learn more about fun snow day activities to get through winter boredom this season.

Wow With Wonderful Winter Wear

There’s no need to hibernate when winter comes. Get out and wow with some wonderful winter wear.

When you’ve nailed that perfect winter outfit for your day, don’t forget the perfect purse or clutch to go with it. The outfit makes the bag, and the bag makes the outfit.

Bundle up! Whether you’re snuggling by a fire or out on the town, your winter outfits can make a statement this season.


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