12 Cubicle Decor Ideas That Will Make You the Coolest One in the Office

12 Cubicle Decor Ideas That Will Make You the Coolest One in the Office

Want to add some personality to a plain old cubicle? Make use of these awesome cubicle decor ideas and you’ll soon be excited to get to work in the morning.

Even if you love your job, getting up to go work in a cookie cutter cubicle every day can be a struggle.

But when the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, you deserve to spend that in a space that feels comfortable, inspiring, and equipped with portable work pods.

Don’t let the boring walls feel like a jail cell. There are cubicle decor ideas that can inject personality and life into any work space.

Let’s look at 12 of those decor ideas and discover how to turn your space into the coolest cubicle in the office.

1. Create a Faux Window

Cubicles don’t exactly come with the perks of a corner office. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a window with a view.

Create one for yourself.

Buy a decorative window at a home decor store. Or change up a large picture frame to look like one. Then add a picture of whatever view you desire.

The bonus is, you can change your view whenever you like. The corner office cannot.

2. Add a Lamp

There is nothing cozy or attractive about the fluorescent lighting of an office. And when there are no windows to warm the place up with natural light, it makes them feel even harsher.

Take back the ambiance in your space by bringing in a lamp. It will soften the fluorescent effect with a warm glow. Plus, you’ll bring in a splash of style with an attractive fixture.

3. Bring Color in with Accessories

Chances are your cubicle is a box of neutral colors. There really isn’t anything eye-catching or exciting about it.

Jazz it up with pops of colors! Desk accessories come in all sorts of colors these days. And they range from fancy to fun, whatever your style may be.

So there’s no excuse for having a boring desk lamp and stapler. Show your personality off by making the space your own.

4. Hang Wallpaper

Cubicle walls are plain and boring. And the textured finish of most doesn’t exactly make it a good candidate for paint.

That’s where wallpaper comes to the rescue. There are now easy peel and stick varieties that are perfect to hang on any texture of cubicle wall you may have.

But if you can’t find that, simply pin up whatever style of fabric or wrapping paper you like! Either way, it will be easy to customize any look you’re going for.

5. Decorate Your Shelves

All work and no decor make for a boring work space.

Sure, you need a place to store all your work material. But try to save at least one shelf to display some decorative touches.

Or mix in your decor with your work binders. Think of it as your bookshelves at home. Decorative bookends and strategically placed knick-knacks can create a homey feel to any cubicle space.

6. Use Stylish Storage Containers and Bins

Manilla folders and wire mesh bins do the storage job just fine. But they sure aren’t pretty to look at.

Bring in some storage units with style! Decorative boxes, metallic bins, and pretty folders can spice up an office space. Plus, it brings in personality in an otherwise flat area.

7. Add Plants or Flowers

There’s no doubt about it, plants bring life into any space. Plus, the splash of color and fresh scent will make your cubicle feel more like home.

But if your space doesn’t get much, if any, natural light, make sure to bring indoor plants that thrive in low light.

Or opt for fresh cut flowers. You’ll be able to swap them out with whatever color or style you like.

8. Hang Framed Art and Photos

If you’re like most people, you spend more time in your cubicle than you do at home. So give it a home-like feel with framed art and photos.

Decorating with photos of family, friends, trips you’ve taken, pets, or anything that you love will give your cubicle a personal feel. Or you can bring in art that reflects your style and scenes that you’ll enjoy looking every day.

9. Decorate for the Holidays and Seasons

Think about it… you decorate your home for the holidays or for each season. So why don’t you give your cubicle the same treatment?

Having your work space reflect whatever time of year it is can make it feel more festive, cheerful, and cozier. Whether it be a small Christmas tree, pumpkins, or even a YouTube video of a roaring fireplace on your computer screen.

Plus, you’ll have something new to look at as the seasons change.

10. Cozy up Your Chair

Sure, your office desk chair can be comfortable if you have a good one. But wouldn’t you rather be on your sofa instead?

Bring that feeling to your cubicle. Place a comfy throw pillow in lean against. Drape a decorative blanket across the back of your chair.

And if your office is as cold as most, that blanket can come in handy for keeping you warm!

11. Bring in Your Favorite Scent

Having your favorite scent around can bring a feeling of calm and happiness. But most offices won’t allow you to burn candles in the workplace.

Instead, why not use a scented plugin? Or display a decorative oil diffuser.

Just make sure the scent isn’t too strong or one that your neighbors will also enjoy. Whether you’re in a standard office or a coworking office, always be considerate to those who work around you.

12. Push Pins with Personality

Push pins can be a fun little way to bring a dash of extra personality to your cubicle. They come in so many styles nowadays, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

If you love to travel, pick up some push pins in the shapes of airplanes or passport stamps. Foodies can find pins in about any food imaginable. Or add a touch of whimsy with some mini mustaches.

Use These Cubicle Decor Ideas to Spice up Any Work Space

Turn your work space into one you love with these cubicle decor ideas, and watch just how quickly your co-workers follow suit.

Need more than a change in work space? Check out these tips when it’s time to make a change in your career.


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