Squeezing More From Your Wedding Budget

Squeezing More From Your Wedding Budget

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When it comes to your wedding day, no matter what, you want it to be special.  Now, whilst “special” doesn’t have to mean expensive, most weddings come with a pretty hefty price tag that many people struggle to afford.

The truth is whether you have a lot of money, or just a little, to spend on your wedding at a fundamental level you will have a budget in mind.  The trick, therefore, is to squeeze the most out of that budget, big or small, and there’s a trick known as budget repurposing that can be very handy when planning events like weddings.

Budget repurposing allows you to splurge on certain items, whilst saving on others, for instance, you might save on the catering and the venue in order to splurge on the honeymoon.  The same can be true of the engagement, as a lot of the time people focus overwhelmingly on the engagement rings, as if that were the only aspect of an engagement, when in truth it’s the holistic experience of where you are and what you’re doing that is just as memorable as the engagement ring itself.

Going back to your wedding, here’s three of the main ways you can save money on your wedding in order to squeeze more from your budget and spend more on the stuff that matters:


You’ll find certain time of year, week, and even day to be more expensive than others, due mostly to the principle of supply and demand; for instance, a venue can charge a lot more for a Spring Saturday than a Tuesday in Winter because there’s so much more demand for this time slot.  Therefore, if you want to save some money in terms of the venue, it can pay to have your wedding just slightly out of peak wedding season.


You can get your family and friends in on the action by outsourcing some of the tasks you could pay professionals for to your friends.  For instance, table decorations and flower arranging can be done much more cheaply by visiting a local flower market or wholesaler directly, then assembling the bouquets yourself.

This also means your guests are more involved, making it a more personal and engaging event where people are part of the celebration rather than mere observers.

  1. VENUE

When it comes to venue hire, many people first check out hotels, yet the best value for money is often found in a less conventional package, such as a rustic farm or mountain retreat.   This is when knowing someone with a farm can come in very handy, as enterprising farmers today, are all capitalising on the trend of rustic weddings – meaning what was once a cheap alternative has become a niche cottage industry.

In summary, if you can save in some of the key areas such as dates, places, and staff – then you can splurge in more fulfilling areas such as catering, entertainment, the dress, and the all important but often overlooked honeymoon.


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