35 Things to Do for Your Career by 35

35 Things to Do for Your Career by 35

The modern world has been dramatically changed when the globalization process and technological development influenced all fields of human activities. More and more young people changed their view on the core social values, economic perspectives, career choices, and personal growth. Today, the society and the job market’s challenges insist youth and adults on revising their traits, gaining new skills and expertise as well as improving their personality to feet this fast-changing world. Nevertheless, there are universal tips which may help someone to begin their life journey or, at least, reveal what should be done to have the successful and fulfilling life.

  1. Define Your Activity

Every person has something to do. Moreover, youth and adults are seeking to get position and build the prospective career. From this instance, You should define for yourself “what do you do” or “what do you want to do,” and clearly understand the answer so that the career roadmap will become visible and more accessible to follow.

  1. Discover Your Strengths

While some people are good at their workplace, not all of them may tell what they do the best. It may look the simplest task for one to answer this question, yet, it is important to discover a personal “superpower.” It should not be something tremendous or epic; thus, each person unique and have unique traits, and the ability to improve them to the excellence is also one of the “superpowers.”

  1. Face Your Weaknesses

On the contrary to the above statement, the evaluation of weakness is not what people tend to do. Therefore, You should tackle Your weaknesses and should not afraid to speak about them. Of course, there can be one issue or some, yet, try to determine the most irritating or troublesome thing. The knowledge about the situation when you may fail will help to mitigate risks and create a plan on how to reduce or eliminate Your weak point.

  1. Learn to say “NO.”

Most of us cannot refuse to help the friend, relative, partner or colleague. However, we cannot be in two places at the same time so that there is no reason to overwhelm yourself with additional duties. It may be difficult to say “NO,” but if we fail to accomplish our promises, people will be more upset then after You refused to do something because You also have some stuff to complete.

  1. Delegate Responsibilities

The ability to complete multiple tasks is the essential part of climbing the career ladder; thus, the opportunity to focus on interesting and perspective for career things may diminish under small, sticky duties. You should learn how to reroute some tasks to other people, as well as; this will help to find experts in various fields and build a network of useful connections.

  1. No One Should Doubt Your Choices

Everyone face in their lives some dialogues when people ask why we are doing something or working there and not there. These questions may doubt Your choice, and there is nothing special to evaluate and analyze Your actions. You should not change Your opinion under someone’s pressure or example. People should respect Your choice, even if they do not like or agree with it. What is more, You should also remember this rule, as other people’s choices are also non-negotiable.

  1. Do Something for Which You Proud of

It is essential to find an activity which will not only bring good earnings and career boost but also will bring satisfaction and proud. This should not be some significant project of the lifetime; thus, it may be some everyday task or hobby, but You find it is a pleasure to conduct such duty and proud that You have expertise in it.

  1. Always Learn, Always Improve

Each person has something which cannot be called excellent stuff or some activities, for which he or she is not proud of. From this perspective the advice is similar as for the weaknesses – learn maximum about it to improve the situation.

  1. Face Your Fears

It may sound hilarious, but, yes, You should face Your fears. We do not recommend You risk Your life or put Yourself under the danger. Nonetheless, we recommend starting doing something that You never did before. For instance, if You do not cook dinner and afraid to start to do not spoil the meal, ask someone to help at first, and then, prepare, at least, small meals to see that You can cook, and this no so bad.

  1. Listen to the Feedback

Feedbacks are the inevitable part of the career growth. We get evaluation checks, criticism, and feedback from senior staff. It is important to carefully read them, analyze, and accept as they may reveal problematic fields in our activities. It is believed that not all feedbacks are biased or that “your boss under-estimates you.” More frequently feedbacks contain the adequate evaluation and objective points of view about what we did well and where we should push our limits.

  1. Learn to Give Constructive Feedback

It is the typical mistake when employees do not participate in the evaluation process. Moreover, the lack of consistent feedback from the top management has the adverse impact on the workplace. Teach yourself to give input about some activities within your company, disregarding whether it is a comment on the project, some company’s initiatives or subordinates monthly progress.

  1. Create Network with Useful Connections

The career and personal growth are impossible without advice, help, and communication with other people from different fields of activities. Furthermore, You should educate yourself to collect contacts and information about people with whom You are working together. Besides, You should build connections with people, especially, from the business sector, as they may boost You, give an advise or help You to succeed.

  1. Know Someone You Can Trust

During the career path, people work individually and in teams so that the number of people they met rapidly grow. From this perspective, it can be stated that each person should have a few trusted colleagues with whom he or she can create a team or, at least, this person may be presumed to complete some tasks and projects. Discover such people, and You will not regret, as trust and honesty are valuable assets for Your perspectives.

  1. Find a Mentor

Each successful person may name someone who helped him or her to find a career path. You should also have such a business advisor, who can share knowledge and skills with You. Besides, such a person may even criticize You, giving valuable experience and wisdom for personal and career growth.

  1. Check Your Social Media

The advanced technologies enabled us to communicate with people across the world; thus, they also became an authoritative source of personal information representation and entertainment. If You are an active social media user, check whether you do not place controversial photos, comments or materials online, as there are enough stories about employees who were fired due to the posted online social media content.

  1. LinkedIn Profile

Create the LinkedIn Profile and place all vital and objective information about your professional expertise there. Nevertheless, do not become too enthusiastic, as people there tend to read objective, laconic, and useful information to find the right person for a right position.

  1. Create a Portfolio of Your Best Projects

You should collect and organize the most valuable and successful projects You have done. This collection will be in handy for further career movement, as You will be able to represent Your work and speak out about its outcome. Besides, this collection may also be used to analyze Your career to see how you changed on the career path.

  1. Know Your Price

The ability to access and priced Your work is the greatest and most stringent at the same time task for any person. You should not work underpaid if You understand that Your work is significant, yet, remember that You are not so unique for the employer and there are the cheapest labor force for the same position.

  1. Become a Good Negotiator

The negotiation skills are the must for a modern specialist, as some experts say that 80% of the success is the ability to find common ground with the others and settle issues within the workplace. Develop Your negotiation skills, and You will see how more comfortable Your work become.

  1. Manage Up Your Duties

It is a common mistake among employees that they cannot influence their bosses or supervisors. Nevertheless, You have to communicate with the senior staff and explain Your needs so that Your performance will only grow. The ability to manage up duties is a crucial working skill and a powerful tool to establish a comfortable environment for Your work.

  1. Improve Your Correspondence

The knowledge and ability to write various emails, both positive and negative is the essential working skill, as throughout Your career You will communicate a lot. Besides, the accurate and precise message may deliver the direct message or the idea so that You will save time for unnecessary explanations.

  1. Develop the Efficient To-Do List

Time management and work efficiency should become Your second identity. The correctly planned schedule will give You the opportunity to manage Your time and responsibilities, and You will discover how much time You have for the private life.

  1. Do not Waste Your Energy

Sometimes You will be insisted to work overschedule or under enormous pressure; thus, You are not obliged to push the limits every day on every task. Balance Your work, find time to have lunch and read somethings, and Your productivity will dramatically increase.

  1. Have a Fulltime Sleep

Some managers and seniors state that they sleep less than 8 or 6 hours, but the truth is that each person requires the unprecedented amount of sleep. Find out the comfortable time to go to bed and an adequate amount of time to rest and You will never feel burned out or tired during the day.

  1. Mitigate Stress

The workplace is the stressful environment, especially, when something was going wrong. Teach Yourself to critically evaluate the situation and find some minor activity to ease Your nerves, as the too emotional behavior or action may lead to adverse and biased consequences, which we all tend to avoid.

  1. Manage Your Excuses

We all faced the situation when we did something wrong, and an excuse about this is a common thing to do. Do not apologize about everything and everyone, as You are not responsible that someone did something awful.

  1. Get Over Impostor Syndrome

Many newcomers face this syndrome during their first months in the new place. Nevertheless, it is a bad trait not only for career prospects but also for self-esteem.

  1. Have the Plan B

If You are sure that Your career is excellent, and tomorrow will be brighter than today, we are glad to say that you are the successful person. Nonetheless, the reality is that You should have the Plan B if something goes wrong. Look for alternatives, check news and trends in your field of activity so that you will be not out of the shape in case you will search for a new job in the emergency.

  1. Conduct Some Side Projects

Never focus only on job duties and activities, as they do not guarantee rapid career growth. Participate in some side projects to learn something new, gain valuable experience, and try a new role within your career. Besides, multidimensional expertise is an essential trait than narrowed technical knowledge so that You will feel comfortable with new and complex projects.

  1. Invest in Retirement

Each person has savings and bank accounts, so that does not hesitate to open the additional account or deposit and put there some percentage of Your earnings. Of course, there are pension plans and support; thus, they are not so far sufficient as bank interests on long-term deposits.

  1. Invest in Self-Development

If You find an interesting hobby club, book or course – take it. You will not only increase Your background knowledge but also boost Your skills for both everyday life and work.

  1. Give Something to the World

The common mistake among people that they are not interested in the surroundings. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in the world, even, a small effort to make it better. Improve your neighborhood, help someone, donate or volunteer and You will see how the world become a better place and You become better with it.

  1. Learn What You Do Not Want to Do

Some people are grumbling that they are displeased with something and say that they must do this unpleasant or unwanted task. It is a false interpretation, and You should determine what you do not want to do. You are not obliged to waste energy, time, and efforts on unpleasant stuff, so that learn how to omit such activities.

  1. Reward Yourself

Some people start the new project after they finished the old one. Do not follow their mistake. If you end some duties, take time to relax and enjoy the life. You should not limit yourself as the career path is long enough, and You will be able to succeed anyway.

  1. Manage Your Handshake

Some employers claim that they prefer to choose those people who have a better handshake in the situation when candidates have equal qualifications. We suggest that You may also practice in this simple action, and maybe, it will help you to get the desired position.

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