New trends in Piercing Art: Can it be the new fashion statement?

New trends in Piercing Art: Can it be the new fashion statement?


Piercings have been used since ancient times for different reasons in different cultures and body piercing has paved its way to the fashion world industry to bring an added personal statement to one’s body art decoration taste. Trends, together with the yearly change, has become a significant movement in the society today.

The septum piercings have lasted perhaps a little too long, and after its long-time hype around, there are new piercing trends that are taking over which surely is going to be way better than the last. There are lots of piercing ideas to choose from, but which of them would you really want to have? Here are the top piercing ideas to level up your fashion statement.

The Daith

In 2017, the daith piercing look was super popular in New York and London, which will continue to be one of the trendiest piercings through 2018. This type of piercing goes through the conch, with the most stylish earring piece being an embellished hoop that loops around it.

Daith piercing is considered to be one of the most attractive piercings to have and is believed by many that it helps in treating migraines due to its affiliation with acupuncture wherein proponents of daith piercings claim these piercings work in the same way. However, there is no research to back it up, but some fans of the daith piercing have testified that their migraine symptoms drastically improved once they had this area pierced.

The Snug

The snug is one of the biggest trends in 2018 and many people are in love with it. Sitting snuggly above the three piercings on the lobe, the snug fits right between the helix and the conch. However, it is recommended for you to have a prominent enough cartilage ridge, to get this piercing. The cartilage ridge can be instantly spot on the ear, making it a great place to flaunt some unique jewelry if you don’t want to stick with a standard barbell. (Viagra)

The Constellation

The constellation or curated ear piercing is an Instagram-born trend that has stayed popular. This piercings’ inspiration comes from the name itself—the constellation. This multilevel piercing is dispersed throughout the ear that comes together to look like one shining, starry night. It is arranged based on ear shape and most people opt for fine jewelry in the curated ear piercing space.

The Upper Lobe

The upper lobe piercing is one of the common and overlooked types of piercing. However, it is reported that this overlooked spot will be huge in 2018 — which is also great for newbies. Maria Tash, an American jeweler, and professional body piercer explained that “The placement is where your fifth or sixth hole would be,” she explains, noting that the skin at this location tends to be thinner so many piercers have historically avoided the area.

Piercer Brian Keith Thompson, who’s worked with entertainment industry’s elite, also said that the upper lobe will be incredibly popular and in-demand which is due to the trend of asymmetry. He suggested that having a unique side that helps tell two different stories.


Body piercing has long been considered as one of the body arts, and its demand has surged up throughout the years making its way in the fashion industry as a fashion statement and trend. Piercings should not be considered lightly, it needs to be planned out and be done by the only trusted piercing shops that are professionals to avoid problems.

Additionally, when you decide to get a piercing, make sure you take the responsibility seriously by taking extra care of the pierced area.


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