Career Advice That Will Take You Right to the Top

Career Advice That Will Take You Right to the Top

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Sometimes, we reach moments in our career where we feel like we could use an extra boost to take us to the top. Whether we’re hoping to start out in a new career that feels more “right” or looking to excel in our current vocations by taking our performance to the next level, somewhere along the line, the right piece of career advice can work wonders.

With this in mind, I’ve collated some of my favorite tips and pieces of advice from inspirational people in the hope that they will provide you with the boost you need. You’ll find words of wisdom here no matter what your stage of the career, and I’m sure they’ll work wonders toward helping you get the job or profession you deserve.

Marissa’s Choice

Let’s begin with Marissa Mayer. The IT mogul and former President & CEO of Yahoo! currently holds a net worth of $600 million, so she knows better than anyone about when to make the right choice at the right time.

However, she credits a certain piece of advice she received at the beginning of her career when she was struggling to make the ideal choice: “My friend Andre said to me ‘you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself to pick the right choice.’” Seeing her dilemma, Andre told her “I see a bunch of good choices, and there’s one that you pick and make great.” Crediting it as “one of the best pieces of (career) advice” she has ever received, Marisa followed it, and in 2012, when she became CEO of Yahoo!, she turned her choice into something great indeed.

Playing the Game with Muskan Sethi

Although it was predominantly aimed at budding female card sharks, I think Muskan Sethi’s recent advice about how to get to the top in the poker industry applies to so many others out there. Sethi is now a prominent global ambassador for this discipline, but she started off practicing on specialized platforms and poker rooms, so she knows what it takes to succeed.

To Sethi, there are certain things that anyone can do to take their vocation to the next level. First of all, she’s a firm believer in swotting up — “It is always wise to consider yourself a student” — and this applies whether your passion is poker or pizzas! She also suggests taking time to consider risks versus rewards before making any big decision, and this is particularly applicable if you’re wondering what your next career move should be. And finally, she recommends learning the art of patience to keep yourself on track with your career goals — Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all!

Taking a Leap with Tech Giants

Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman, and Cindy Bates, VP for Microsoft’s Small and Mid-Sized Businesses division, both have a lot to offer about saying yes and taking a leap.

Schmidt’s advice is to “find a way to say yes to things,” whether those things are trips to new countries, opportunities to make new friends or chances to learn something new. He believes that by saying “yes” to new experiences and opportunities, that yes will be “how you get your first job and your next job.”

To Cindy Bates, saying yes to a situation means being brave and bold. If you can think of the worst outcome of any situation or decision-making process and be OK with that — “Can I live with that?” — then you should say yes to that particular opportunity and “take a leap!”

Shannon Bream Says to Stand Your Ground

Shannon Bream is one of America’s most well-known television journalists, having worked her way up from a late-night news reporter for WBTV to becoming FOX News Supreme Court correspondent. More recently, in 2017, she became the host for the channel’s primetime show, “Fox News @ Night”; however, she has also heard the word “no” many times during the pursuit of her dream job.

Shannon’s secret to separating herself from the pack was learning to accept that she would indeed hear many “no’s” throughout her career, but she wouldn’t let those negatives be the final answer. To Shannon, it’s all about “outlasting the competition” and standing your ground to the point that you “wear down your boss.”

Even though I’m sure you’re all fired up now to go for that promotion or take a leap into the unknown by starting an enterprise, there’s one final piece of advice I wanted to share with you. It’s advice that we can all learn from, and it applies to so many areas of our lives, not only our careers:

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.” – Steve Jobs


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