Best Nose Trimmers to buy on a budget

Best Nose Trimmers to buy on a budget

Wisdom comes as men age, but that is not the only thing that comes along. Nose hairs start to grow as well. If you like staying well-groomed, you should consider trimming your nose hair and make it part of your grooming routine. If you are looking to get yourself the ideal nose trimmer, there are some factors you should consider such as cost and build specification, including the blade construction and waterproof qualities. You also need to keep in mind that there are numerous brands in the market, but can help you pick out the best blade for your needs. This article will review five of the best nose trimmers that you could get on a budget.

1.      Panasonic Nose Trimmer and Ear Hair Trimmer, ER-GN30-K

If you are looking for an affordable nose trimmer to keep yourself looking neat all the time, then you might consider getting this blade. It has a lightweight and compact design to enable you to handle it easily. It is also designed with dual-edge, hypoallergenic curved blade to allow you to trim your nose comfortably. That notwithstanding, it is completely washable plus it is suitable for both wet and dry use. The ER-GN30-K has a brush for easy cleaning and maintenance and is powered by one AA-size battery.

2.      Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Trimmer

If your nose hairs have grown intensively, you could get yourself the ER430K to trim them. The ER430K is an ergonomically designed trimmer that is specifically meant for men. It works efficiently to remove your nose hairs. And it is designed with curved, hypoallergenic stainless-steel blades, which ensure that you trim comfortably without irritating your skin. Moreover, it has a smart micro-vacuum system that brushes off the nose hair that you’ve clipped. It is also washable and completely waterproof, and it runs on one AA-size battery.

3.      Liberex Electronic Nose Ear Hair Trimmer

The Liberex Electronic Nose Ear Hair Trimmer is a multi-purpose trimmer that is designed for both men and women. It is very easy to use and it is designed with a dual-edge spinning blade system that guarantees painless trimming because of the precision that it delivers. It has an ergonomic design with a washable and removable cutter head plus a dust-resistant cover to protect the cutter head. Moreover, it is very durable and it includes an LED light to allow you to see tricky nose hairs. This device is also operated by one AA-size battery, and it has a lightweight design.

4.      BEQOOL Men’s Hair Clippers Dual-edge Ear Nose Trimmer

This trimmer is one of the best that you could get to remove overgrown nose hair. It is a 2 in 1 nose hair trimmer that is made of IPX7 waterproof stainless steel. Featuring an ergonomic design, this trimmer has a dual-edge spinning blade system plus a smart micro vacuum to whisk away your clipped nose hair. Additionally, it is suitable for both wet and dry use. Interestingly, it runs at 6500 RPM and the noise it produces is below 50 DB. This compact and lightweight trimmer are also durable and it comes with a 12 months guarantee.

5.      2018 Professional Nose Ear Hair Trimmer

Last but not least, there is the 2018 Professional Nose Ear Hair Trimmer. It is an affordable but efficient multi-function trimmer that is suitable for both men and women. The Professional Trimmer is designed with a smart micro-vacuum system to allow comfortable nose hair removal. Moreover, it has a dual-edge spinning blade system to allow painless trimming. The blades also have a protective cover. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use, plus it is IPX7 waterproof and easily washable. This trimmer runs on a 6500 RPM motor with noise levels below 50 DB. It also has power saving capabilities and runs on one AA-size battery.


Overgrown nose hair can be a nuisance, and the only way to handle it is by getting yourself the best nose hair trimmer in the market. Interestingly, you don’t have to spend much on a nose hair trimmer to achieve the desired results. This article has reviewed five of the best trimmers that you could get yourself. Remember, there are some aspects that you have to keep in mind such as durability and cost before buying a nose trimmer.


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