Enjoy Your Favorite Beverages at A Wedding Party with iCustomlabel

Wedding Party Labels

Champagnes, beers, and sparkling wines are deeply associated with celebrations, especially weddings. A perfect toast is the one when you enjoy wedding celebrations with your close friends and family members. When you are going to throw a wedding reception party, you have to make a plenty of decisions to make it successful. Apart from deciding on things like decorations, catering, and venue, you need to figure out which type of party beverages should be included and how to present them.

This is where iCustomlabel comes into the picture that is always ready to pack a punch. iCustomlabel is a leading company that creates labels to commemorate any special event. Available in an exhaustive range of colors, styles and designs, these exclusive labels, cards and stickers can rock a wedding ceremony. The fun part is you can personalize these labels with whatever texts or designs according to your wish. From images and names of the couple to wedding vows to even a romantic poem, the labels will display everything beautifully.

You can upload your own art to print your stuff or go to iCustomlabel’s design gallery to design exactly the look and feel you want for your branding labels. If necessary, the company also has a design team who can assist you in the development process. The company is dedicated to keep its services affordable and fast.

How to Add the Personal Touch to Your Labels

After purchasing liquor, champagne, and wine bottles to present as wedding favors for your guests, you can transform them into something really special by personalizing. You can customize your wedding wine selection and presentation in various ways consider printing signs, labels and stickers to share why the selected wine has personal meaning to you. Moreover, while buying your own beverages, you need to handle all of the research, purchasing and transport to your wedding venue yourself.

wedding husband and wife

Try one of these ways to add a personal touch to your wedding beverages:

  • Put labels that define your relationship

No matter where the wine or champagne comes from, one of the most effective ways to add a personal touch to them is decorate with attractive custom labels. When you visit iCustomlabel.com, there are several options to choose from that are specifically added for wedding ceremonies. From eye-catching custom labels for wedding favors to wedding shower and wedding party gifts, you can personalize any bottle with any design that you like. The company has a selection of stellar labels at really cost-effective prices. These custom champagne bottles could be great wedding favors (or used for the bride/groom on the wedding day). Also these personalized wedding beverages are perfect to use for any table numbers. If your venue allows for outside wine you can serve them as well, or if not they can be taken home by you or guests. Once you select which type of bottle you want (red, white, champagne, mini, etc.) you can choose to add a custom label or engraving to it.

Wedding Wine labels

  • Wine With Special Meaning

Another way of adding a personal touch is to choose a wine or champagne that has a special meaning to you as a couple. It would be better to select a wine that you had often shared on some specific occasions, such as your first date, or the day you got engaged. If it was an expensive brand, you can search for other brand of same variety in order to add that personal touch.

  • Burlap And Twine Décor

The champagne or wine bottles that are beautifully wrapped by burlap and twine make really exquisite décor items. Burlap and twine are naturally available materials that are perfect for wrapping or gluing directly onto beverage bottles. They give the bottles an amazing look that will fit any type of theme as well as personal style. These materials are great for beachy, rustic, traditional, or modern themes. What is surprising is this creative bottle design shoots up the excitement of the celebration.

champagne labels

  • Region Specific Wines Or Champagnes

You can find wines or champagnes from a specific region that you like. Many countries now produce distinct wines, giving you more possibilities. You can consider choosing from a local winery in order to personalize it. Another option is to order beverage bottles from a region where you vacation frequently together. You can also avail the option of choosing different varieties from different locations.


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