Getting Married Abroad? Basic Legal Requirements, You Need to Know

Getting Married Abroad? Basic Legal Requirements, You Need to Know

It is a beautiful Saturday morning, or whichever day works for you, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you’re in a good place emotionally. You have never been more fit and motivated. Yes, today feels like a good day. Your partner has dinner reservations at a very fancy restaurant, and they ask you to dress up, we all have those ‘let’s-dress-up-moments in our relationships’ right?

You whip out your little black dress or tux, whichever one you fancy. At exactly seven o’clock, there is your partner at the door beaming with a big smile from ear to ear, here to pick you up. Your favorite table is set, and your favorite waiter knows the two of you by now. The mood is right, and so is everything else; from your hair to his soft skin, nothing short of perfect.

You’re sipping on your champagne slowly, but wait, what’s that in your mouth? It’s a big diamond ring that had been put in your glass. He gets on one knee, and you’re crying uncontrollably by now and sobbing like a child. The love of your life is on one knee asking for your hand in marriage, and you quickly say yes before he can change his mind! You may be thinking about elopement but you decide you should plan things ahead of time to make sure things go smoothly.

After a while, wedding plans set in and since getting married overseas has been a dream of yours, you commence on your research about the various countries for wedding and honeymoon destinations abroad, together with the requirements.

Getting Married Abroad? Basic Legal Requirements, You Need to Know

Some of the best places to get married overseas;

Mauritius – In Mauritius, the application of a foreigner should get to the civil status office one month before flying in for the ceremony. Once the couple arrives, they should make their way to the registrar of civil status with the original documents for verification.

Seychelles – take your original documents, passports, birth certificates and a divorce certificate if divorced, with you. Deliver them to the Civil status office in Mahe at least 11 days before the ceremony.

Sri Lanka – Here, your wedding planner must have copies of all your original documents three weeks before the wedding. Take the original documents to a civil status office in the area that you’d wish to get married in. Provide full names of your parents, addresses and state your professions.

Bali – Here, you must have both a civil and religious ceremony. Both partners must declare the same religion. You’re required to have your original documents with you. And the ceremony shall be attended by two representatives, one for your religion and the other from the civil registry office.

ThailandFor marriage in Thailand, you will need an affidavit from your residence embassy in Thailand, have this affidavit translated into Thai, then certified by Thai’s ministry of Foreign Affairs office. After this head on to the local district office for your marriage registration.

Italy – In Italy, you need to present a certificate of no impediment, a birth certificate, and a document that each spouse declares their will to get married to each other. You’re supposed to present a divorce or annulment certificate in cases where one had been married before. If a spouse died, you’re required to present a death certificate.

South Africa – The law requires one to be in possession of a non-impediment letter from their respective embassy when they apply for the marriage certificate in this country. If no such letter is available, then one can acquire an affidavit from their consulate office. Also be in possession of your original documents.

 Getting Married Abroad? Basic Legal Requirements, You Need to Know

Legal requirements

The countries’ laws vary from country to country. But here are some of the getting married abroad legal requirements that are common in most countries;

•Getting married abroad legally has a residency requirement.

•Show your documentation like a valid birth certificate and passport.

•If you have been married before, you should take with you the divorce or the annulment certificate or if your partner is deceased, bring a certificate of death.

•An affidavit of eligibility to marry. Here, you should testify that there is absolutely no reason why the marriage cannot and should not take place.

Basics on how to get married overseas

Choose your wedding venue carefully.

•Make sure all your vaccines are up to date.

•Get your original documents in order.

•Book your trip.

•Make a trip to the country’s legal office. Once you land, you’ll need to visit the consulate or the legal office necessary for the registration and any other legal requirements.

•Officially get hitched.


Congratulations on your nuptials!

Getting Married Abroad? Basic Legal Requirements, You Need to Know

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