Wedding Limo Service

Wedding Limo Service

Entering your wedding ceremony cannot be better than with a limo. It is gorgeous, glamorous and luxurious. People with great taste will definitely appreciate this kind of thing, especially if you live in a beautiful place like New Jersey, at the coast of beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Also in these big states distance between events is large and wedding parties may take place in different venues far away from each other. Limo service is crucial in those conditions, so why not take the facility of the remarkable New Jersey Limo Service? Here are some guidelines on booking limos for a wedding.

Tips for booking

  • Book the limo as early as possible. This increases the chances of getting the newest and best quality cars. If you are too late you will get outdated models.
  • Keep in mind that the picture you are looking at on the company’s website is just for illustration, you may not be getting that. So be specific about the car you want and view it beforehand.
  • If you are hiring a limo for a wedding or bridal party or bachelor party, get a super stretch one that will let more than ten people sit so that you do not need another vehicle.
  • The bridal gown is a crucial matter. When renting the limo, count the bride as two people so she can spread her dress if necessary.
  • Rent the limo for a good few hours so you don’t have to rush to complete everything before the renting time ends because if the time ends, it will be more expensive to extend hours, and also may not be available anymore.
  • Wedding is your big day that comes once in a lifetime. So do not sacrifice the quality for anything just to save a few bucks. The limo will play a big part on this day and will remain in photos forever. So spend big if you have to, but make sure that it is the perfect service with a high quality vehicle and experienced chauffeur.

Why a limo

  1. Style – A glamorous limousine brings style to the wedding. Just by appearance it creates a different festive vibe. You will also have to keep the type of wedding in mind and choose the vehicle accordingly. It can be classic or funky. There are plenty New Jersey limo service companies who will make sure that the event becomes memorable and photogenic.
  2. Personalized service – The newlywed couple can use the limo as their personal transport after the reception to go to their home, or maybe to the airport in that gorgeous vehicle for their honeymoon. That is so classy and a pleasant experience for both of them.
  3. Security and safety – Obviously, safety and security matter the most before anything else. In that case, getting a limousine service will ensure the safety of the bride, groom and the wedding guests. The remarkable New Jersey Limo Service will take care of everything, from the quality of the vehicle to experienced chauffeur.

How much will it cost

Yes, limos cost a lot. But if you think of the service you will get, it is totally worth it. Here is an estimated list of expenses for the idea.

Standard limo for 4-6 people costs $75-$100 per hour. Stretch limo for 6-8 people costs $150-$175 per hour. A vintage or classic limo for two people, SUV limo for 5-6 people and Party bus limo for 20+ people will cost $125-$175 per hour. And the Minibus limo for 30+ people costs $150-$200 per hour.


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