Tips to prepare a canvas to paint a DIY home decor idea

Tips to prepare a canvas to paint a DIY home decor idea

The best way to express your emotion is a painting. But are you aware that it can be used to decor home? Yes, it can be, as a great DIY which adds a feel to your home. Let’s begin the fun.

It is important to create a canvas though it is acrylic, oil or pastel paint. Get the idea about the primer required while preparing the canvas. Some questions may arise as to whether a canvas should be cotton or linen? How much primer is required for the base? How about its surface? This is the right place to get answers to all these questions, this article details you about the canvas making in a right way for painting.

Getting your type of canvas!

Linen is the most expensive one as compared to others. It is used by most of the professional artists due to its high quality. Many of them mention “on-linen” below the painting, so you can imagine its actual demand. While selling, a collector will come to know the quality and it can add some bonus to the price, but cotton canvas is not bad as well. Linen has become a brand for artists, but you also go for cotton canvas. Similar primer is used in both the canvas, so durability will not be an issue. Custom oil painting from photo is also possible. In the end, it is all your choice and preference. Both the fabrics equally give the same feel and surface is not a big concern if you are good at your work.


If you are good at experimenting with various things then you can use custom options or you can make your own surface with rolls of cotton, linen according to your reference and cut it out as per the required size. You can use a wooden panel to support on the backside. You should use a good quality fabric and the wooden panel must be harder that it will not break easily.

Applying a fiber

It is important that you apply primer before painting to have smooth layers. It is important to apply one layer of primer whether it is landscape, portrait or wildlife painting. Keep your laziness aside! You can make the surface smoother further by sanding. This will help you to add any number of textures on a painting.

Adding tone to a canvas

It’s not compulsory to paint on white canvas. You can add a subtle tone to accentuate elements in a painting. Like, say, if you are painting a night sky, you may add a shallow grey tone to the whole canvas to give a night like feel before you start painting. Add brighter colors to make striking elements and creating focal and vanishing points on the canvas. The background will influence and accentuate the colors.

You may forget the basic details for your painting to get better in the excitement of new canvas to start painting. Quality of canvas decides the quality of your painting, so it is important to prepare a perfect canvas. You will surely feel the difference, after following these instructions, Have a Happy Painting!


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