Energy Efficient Replacement Windows and the Resale Value of Your Home

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows and the Resale Value of Your Home

It’s a huge storm sweeping the home improvement world—energy efficient replacement windows. Most homebuyers are now choosing to go green—which implies more preference on the energy efficient equipment when it comes to home design. Planning to renovate your home for resale purposes?

It may not necessarily be for resale purposes, but either way, it’s important to take note of the materials you choose to use. If you’re considering window replacement, then Energy Efficient Windows are the way to go. The windows not only cut down your energy consumption and, consequently, your utility bills but also give your home a more aesthetically pleasing look that will leave every aspiring home buyer chasing after it.

They are designed to aid your home temperature regulation due to their low-E coatings and double-glaze nature that locks in the warm air while keeping away the cold air thus ensuring low energy consumption in regard to heating. As you know, window replacement is one of the easiest, cost-effective, and the fastest way to give your home a whole new look to stand out in your neighborhood. But of course, the prices vary with the type of window you choose.

Energy efficient windows exhibit various benefits that directly affect your home’s resale value considering that most buyers prefer energy-efficient homes. Here are some of the benefits:

Reduced HVAC costs

The low-E feature helps in minimizing the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that penetrates into your home—which essentially implies protection from adverse cooling and heating effects, and therefore, enabling you to install small and less costly cooling and heating systems.

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows and the Resale Value of Your Home

A brighter home

Energy efficient windows allow for sufficient light penetration through your window glasses thus illuminating every corner of your home to give it a bright and pleasant look. The windows also provide for a clear view which allows you to easily view anything going on outside your window—from watching wildlife to impending storm clouds—from inside the safety and comfort of your home.

Increased comfort

It could be your old windows causing all the freezing and excess heat that deprives you of the comfort of your home. Poorly designed window or door glasses always allow for energy to escape (owing to the improper fixation of the glasses) which could be the reason for your surging utility bills. However, energy-efficient windows are designed to perfectly fit onto your window space hence deterring any chances of energy loss—which of course mean a more comfortable life with lower bills to cater to.

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows and the Resale Value of Your Home

Reduced condensation  

Frost build up on your windows can worsen the cold state of your home or room thus forcing you to adjust your heating system for more warmth. However, the low-E glass windows exhibit a thin metal layer which inhibits condensation and as a result prevents any frost build up.


Energy efficient windows not only add value to your home but also save you a great deal when it comes to your utility bills. With the seemingly unpredictable climate changes, the world is shifting focus to green energy—which is key when it comes to addressing the climate changes. As a result, many people are becoming enlightened about the benefits that come with energy-efficient homes.

It would, therefore, be prudent that you consider these windows while constructing or renovating your home since every potential home buyer would prefer looking into the house’s energy disclosure statement before making a final purchase decision. So, keep that in mind as it can directly and adversely affect your home resale value.

Improve your home resale value by installing energy efficient windows; which are available in various styles to suit your budget and design needs.

Meet the Author: Dan Hatcher is the owner of Zen Windows Austin and has been in the home services industry than more years than he will admit to. When he’s not installing windows, he loves to write blog posts to educate consumers about how to improve their home and protect their home.


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