Negative things of being infertile and weak:

Negative things of being infertile and weak

Clinically it is diagnosed as post-partum depression and it usually starts within weeks of childbirth. At a fertility clinic in Bangalore, one of the patient had developed vaginal weakness after IVF was performed. During the 2nd trimester she underwent a miscarriage. Then the reason for miscarriage was analyse and she underwent treatment for a year before the 2nd cycle of Ivf was done. She delivered a beautiful girl baby.

It is very important to understand that many new mothers, especially first timers experience this condition and it quite a common condition associated with child birth. Here are the research studies from a fertility clinic in chennai that you can do to take care of yourself if you suffer from post-partum depression.

• Take a chill pill: Many mothers who are used to a clean house and a regular work cycle find it difficult to follow their routine after having a child. A child at home means a lot of added responsibilities and therefore a deviation from the regular routine is bound to happen. New mothers need to take it easy when it comes to their domestic and professional responsibilities and focus on the baby without feeling guilty about it.

• Enjoy some ‘Me’ time: Repeating the feeding- cleaning-feeding cycle of babies continuously for days together can be very tiresome and overwhelming for mothers. Family members can chip in and help the mother get some alone time, where she can go out, meet her friends or simple watch her favourite show or read a book. This will greatly help the monotony of her work and make her feel more positive about herself.

• Hire help: Everybody knows that a new born comes with a lot of responsibilities. DO not shy away from hiring help for cleaning, cooking or even baby care, so you can feel less stressed.

• Exercise when possible: Exercise is a great way to not only get back to shape but also the boost the ‘happy’ hormones in the body. After delivery, consult your gynaecologist about the appropriate time to start back your exercise routine. Working hour for a few minutes a day can help you create a positive image about your own body and also get some time for yourself alone.

• Share your thoughts: Similar to clinical depression, even post-partum depression can get worse when you do not share your feelings with your family and friends. Always ask for help and share your emotions with your husband or any close relative. You can also talk to your doctor during your regular visits without any hesitation. This will give you reassurance that people are around to help and will prevent you from feeling lonely.

A good maternity care hospital will have a gynaecologist, paediatrician and a neonatologist. You can choose to talk to any of them to share your concerns and seek clarity about any medical condition relating to you or your new born and make the parenting experience very smooth and enjoyable for everyone.


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